Ways To Save- On Gift Wrapping

I did a Guest post over at Extreme Southern Couponing, here is a preview! 

With the economy still struggling, we are all on a tight budget for the holidays! One way our family cuts cost around the holidays is not using traditional wrapping paper for our Christmas gifts! We have several ways to find things around the house to use to wrap our gifts with little cost to us!

According to EarthCycle Americans spend $2.9 Billion a year on packaging-  ribbons, bags and wrapping paper! That means there are thousands of tree being cut down each year just to wrap your gifts! So we try to do our part and save a tree or 2 by using less gift packaging products at Christmas!

Newspapers- If you are a couponer like me, you have at least 5 newspapers around your house each Sunday. Unless it is winter time (use them to start our fires in the fireplace), I drop these newspapers in the recycle bin. Using these newspapers to wrap your gifts would not only help you save a little cash, you are recycling and possibly giving your gift receiver something to read!

Scrapbooking Paper- I have tons of totes filled with scrapbooking supplies and paper that I doubt that I will ever get to use. Scrapbooking paper has tons of designs and can be decorated with any supplies you have around the house to make them extra special!

Brown Paper Bags from the Grocery– I remember using these bags to cover my books in high school and spending hours decorating them with my favorite tv shows, best friends names, and cute artwork I felt like doodling that day. Grab some extra craft supplies around the house and decorate them with stamps, stickers, buttons, yarn, etc.

To see the rest of my tips of saving on gift wrap, check Extreme Southern Couponing!

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