National Poultry Day- Easy Chicken Salad Recipe

Poultry is one of those staples that you can cook with just about anything. Regardless of what you have in your pantry, you can always find something to make if you have chicken in your freezer!

So let’s celebrate- March 19th is National Poultry Day!  Whether it is chicken, duck or turkey, there are many ways to make a wonderful poultry meal; grill it, glaze it, bake it, stuff it and even sauté it. Poultry is not only a healthier option but is usually quite a bit easier on your wallet then beef or pork. Adding simple inexpensive pantry staples to chicken like pasta, to make a fancy chicken Alfredo or add breading, cheese and pasta sauce to make a lovely chicken Parmesan are just a few ways to make great tasting meals without breaking the bank!
Here is a great recipe to try that is quick, easy and full of flavor. The best part, it costs very little to create this amazing Chicken salad sandwich.
Easy Chicken Salad Recipe:
·         2 cups of shredded cooked chicken
·         1 cup of Mayonnaise
·         ½ teaspoon of pepper
·         ½ teaspoon of salt
·         ½ cup of halved grapes
·         ¼ cup of diced celery
·         Cook several chicken breasts, let them cool and then shred
·         Wash grapes and celery, cut grapes in half and dice celery to desired size
·         In a large bowl mix all the ingredients together thoroughly
·         Refrigerate for about an hour and serve on a sandwich roll or on a bed of lettuce

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