What Is A Sperry?


Our oldest daughter came home and said “Mom, I have to have these new Sperry’s!!” I thought to myself, is this a new bird, drink, toy, what in the world was she talking about! After asking what it was I realized just how old I really have become! That moment when you realize that name brands just aren’t as important to you as they were when you were younger!

So searching online we found some super cute Sperry Shoes and made our girl happy- she loved these above with the pink gingham!

Sperry isn’t apparently something super brand new, just something that I had never seen nor had our girls ever asked for so I was unaware of them! But I did find that these are very cute shoes and are for the whole family!  I have already started looking to grab a few pairs for our younger 2 daughters and maybe the hubby! Sperry’s range anywhere from $50-$100, many colors to choose from and tons of styles!

Sperry Shoes, do you have a pair?

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