Kids Frugal Fun: Boredom Busters for the Winter Months

Winter months brings more time spent inside. With kiddos that can mean a lot of together time! Finding projects to do inside with the kiddos without breaking the bank can seem impossible. But there are many things you can do inside that are FREE or really cheap by using items already in your house!
Homemade Play Dough is probably our favorite project to do at home! Using items you already have in your pantry; flour, salt, oil, cream of tarter, food coloring and water you can mix together some fun time cooking with the kiddos but also hours of fun playing with their new play dough! You can make any color you want and with your cookie cutters and a few utensils, you can spend all day creating funny snowmen, wordy letters, silly faces and even scenic beaches- wishing for warmer weather!
Creating your Own Bookmarks is another great FREE project! Everyone has those paint color card stripes laying around the house after one of their painting projects. Then grab a few scrapbooking die cuts to make some fun shapes, markers or crayons, stickers or ribbon to decorate your stripe anyway that you want. Then grab your favorite book and cozy up next to the fire with some cocoa and read to the kiddos!
We all use this, so we should all have plenty of these left over! Grab a few of  those empty toilet paper rolls and some construction paper, ribbons, markers, glue, glitter, etc. and make your  very own imaginary creature. Add wings, horns, curly hair or whatever you want to make the funniest creature you can think of! This is so much fun to let the kiddos really think outside the box and be as creative as they want!
Grab the shaving cream and let the kiddos hang out in the tub to graffiti the walls. We love adding a few drops of food coloring to my hubby’s shaving cream and grab some paint brushes to paint our favorite art on the tub walls. We can then wash it all away with the shower head and then create a new one! I do have to warn you this project can becoming very addicting to your kiddos and you may have to change the water several times due to their water going cold!

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