Frugal Travel Tips: Create a Kids Travel Kit

Kids’ Travel Kit- Guest Post from Emily at Peppy Socks!

It is summer! YAY! Summer means fun road trip adventures for many of us. If your toddler is like mine, the iPad and movies last ten minutes if we are lucky. So it takes a little extra preparation to make sure he is entertained in the car (switching out toys what seems like every two minutes). Before running to the store to buy new toys, I decided to find all the possible “toys” I could around the house to add to the car travel kit. Below is a list of some items….FYI: the straws were a HUGE hit!

WARNING – your backseat might be a bit messy when you arrive and it is possible you may have a child covered in band-aids with straws coming out their ears, BUT I bet they will be well entertained and a happy little traveler!



•Cookie sheet and magnets

•Plastic cup(s) and small ball(s)


•Stickers with wax paper or empty plastic drink container

•Sock puppets

•Pipe cleaners

•Plastic Easter Eggs


•Old set of keys

•Any small toy still in package


The mission of Peppy Socks is to give back while providing fun, colorful, inspirational socks that make people smile.

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