Getting Started 101: Learn Couponing Lingo

When you first start couponing, trying to find all the deals on your own can be overwhelming. Luckily you have access to a lot of great bloggers that do all the hard work for you. Each week we put together lists of the best deals at your local grocery stores and drugstores! But you will need to learn a little bit about how we abbreviate some of our deals. Putting deals together each week is very time consuming, so I will use abbreviations to help make my job easier. I have listed below the abbreviations commonly used it store match-ups!!

Q= Coupons

SS= Smart Source (Coupon insert in the Sunday newspaper)

RP= Red Plum (Coupon insert in the Sunday newspaper)

P&G= Proctor & Gamble (Coupon insert in the Sunday newspaper)

ONYO= On Your Next Order

Cat= Catalina Coupon (Coupons that print out of that separate machine at the checkout)

ECB= Extra Care Bucks (CVS– use like cash, prints out when you purchase certain items, usually last a month, can roll these)

RR= Register Rewards (Walgreens– use like cash, print out when you purchase certain items, usually last 2 weeks, can not roll)

IP= Internet printable coupons

MIR= Mail In Rebate

WAGS= Walgreens

Filler= This is an inexpensive item that you will need to add to your purchase at specified stores to either allow the register count a specified amount of items or to get your total purchase to a specified amount to use specific coupons

Rolling= Use one RR, ECB or CAT to pay for a purchase that will in return give you another RR, ECB or CAT

DND=  Do Not Double– Some coupons will state DO NOT DOUBLE on them. This means the manufacturer does not want their coupon to be doubled at the register. But the true way to check if the coupon will double or not is in the code. At the bottom of your coupon there are a couple bar codes. The one usually on the left will start with a 5 or a 9. 5 means that if your store doubles, this coupon will double. 9 means that if your store doubles, this coupon will not double.

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