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Going to Cedar Point has become a family tradition that my kiddos absolutely love! There are so many sites to see not only up there but also on the drive up! We get to go through Dayton and stop off and see a few sites such as the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery, Scene75 Entertainment Center or the Dayton Dragons Baseball! Then a little further stop and check out the Armstrong Air & Space Museum or check out the sites in Cleveland such as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, Cleveland Zoo or the West Side Market! We love checking out the sites on the way to vacation! Want to head straight through, then be sure to pack activity bags to keep those kiddos busy!

Once in Cedar Point there are so many sites to see, Castaway Bay, Miller Boat Line, Put In Bay and Lake Erie! But once you get into the park, there are so many new rides and sites to see, plan to spend the day catching rays, hitting the hills of the thrilling coasters and just plain having fun!!

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Cedar Point announced last year that they would be unleashing the Rougarou! Named after a terrifying werewolf-like creature in French folklore, Rougarou [roo-guh-roo] feeds on screams and lurks in and around the swampy lagoon at the center of the park, shared with other coasters like Iron Dragon and Top Thrill Dragster.

Rougarou’s floorless trains will take riders on an epic journey at speeds reaching 60 mph as their feet dangle just inches above the track and the murky waters below. The trains will be manufactured by Bolliger & Mabillard, Monthey, Switzerland, the same team behind rides like Raptor and GateKeeper, and will transform the ride experience dramatically while utilizing the structure and track of the former Mantis roller coaster.

The ride begins with a climb to the top of the 145-foot-tall first hill, providing amazing views of the Cedar Point skyline. After reaching the apex, the trains will make a 180-degree turn to the right and plummet 137 feet, at a 52-degree angle, to within inches above the water. Thrill-seekers caught in Rougarou’s grasp will then be flipped upside-down by a 119-foot-tall vertical loop, spun around a 103-foot-tall dive loop, whipped around a highly-banked 360-degree turn and then twisted upside-down again by the world’s only inclined loop on a floorless coaster, angled at a wicked 45 degrees. Just when guests think the ride is over, the steel beast will take them through a 360-degree flat spin, tight and twisty turns and a figure-eight finale. Riders must be 54” tall to ride Rougarou.

“Rougarou is going to be a fantastic addition to our coaster lineup and our guests are going to love it,” said Jason McClure, vice president and general manager of Cedar Point. “With the swampy waters below, the vibrant colors of the supports and track, lighting and other effects, it will be a ride like no other at the park.”

If you haven’t had a chance to ride it yet this year, this is a must have on your rides list for your next Cedar Point trip. My girls love this ride and said it was “AMAZING”!! Turns and flips and hills and drops just to mention a few of their favorite things! Who would have thought my girls would have been such thrill seekers! hotel breaker room cedar point

If you need a place to stay, which I’m sure you will when visiting Cedar Point, the newly renovated Hotel Breaker is the place to stay! Rooms are spacious, amazingly decorated and fit my whole family (which is a huge bonus)!

2015 will also mark the debut of the newly-renovated Hotel Breakers. Located along the mile-long Cedar Point Beach, Hotel Breakers will complete its two-year transformation into the ultimate resort destination. Along with a new exterior, the modernized hotel will have a new entrance portal, classic interior finishes, newly-furnished and remodeled rooms with LCD TV’s, new furniture, bedding and décor, and many other amenities and offerings. The two things that make my visit the most important, great water pressure and comfy beds- can’t travel without those two necessities!

Additional enhancements include a new Starbucks and the Surf Lounge bar inside the famous rotunda, widened exterior green space with panoramic views of Lake Erie and an outdoor water play area with zero depth entry and splash features. TGI Friday’s for dinner is what we had and have to say the service was great- loved that it was in the hotel allowing us to stay on site for the whole day!

hotel breaker cedar pointWe want to provide a well-rounded and complete vacation experience for our guests, and the enhancements at the Hotel Breakers will help them have just that,” said Jason McClure. “It will have a fun and fresh feel, is steps away from the park and it’s a great place to start new family traditions.”

 The charming waterfront hotel first opened its doors in 1905 as the “largest and greatest hotel on the Great Lakes.” Known for its breathtaking views and cool summer breezes, Hotel Breakers has been an important part of any complete Cedar Point experience. Notable guests over the years have included celebrities such as sharpshooter Annie Oakley, comedians Abbott and Costello, composer John Philip Sousa and six U.S. presidents, including Franklin D. Roosevelt and Dwight D. Eisenhower.

When you arrive at the hotel the front of the hotel is just amazing! Perfectly landscaped and full of color and beautiful flowers, my girls said they felt like royalty when we entered Hotel Breaker!

As you enter the hotel you see beautiful stained glass windows, interesting carousel portraits, large majestic carousel horses and my favorite – the entryway into the rotunda, the circular indoor balconies are beautiful! I could have stared up at it the whole night!

cedar point hotel breakerOther amenities include outdoor two pools and Jacuzzis, access to the Cedar Point Beach and Boardwalk, a gift shop, arcade, exercise room, three restaurants, Early Entry (access to some of the biggest rides and coasters before the park opens to the general public), discounted Cedar Point admission tickets, complimentary Wi-Fi and the comfort and convenience of staying right next to the rides and roller coasters of Cedar Point.

The kiddie outdoor pool looked amazing! It wasn’t quite warm enough just yet during our visit to play in it, but with slides and water spraying every where, your kiddos will definitely enjoy splashing around! We did get to enjoy the indoor pool as it did not close until 11pm, giving us a hour to swim after we left the park! Then walk out to the back patio and sit by the fire pits or head to the beach, which remains open until midnight!

hotel breaker pools cedar point

Planning a trip to Cedar Point -Reservations for the 2015 season can be placed now online at cedarpoint.com/hotelbreakers or by phone at (419) 627-2106. Be sure to check out Cedar Point on the following for the latest updates and specials:

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I received tickets to Cedar Point and Hotel stay at Hotel Breaker to conduct this review. No other compensation was received and as always my opinion is 100% my own. 

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