Quick & Easy Gifts to Have on Hand for the Holidays

As the holiday’s gets closer our holiday list tends to grow longer and longer. Someone always has a new girlfriend or a new baby and we always needs gifts last minute. Part of my gift closet is for those gifts that I like to keep on hand for unexpected visitors that you may need to give a gift to! Here are a few items that I like to get and have on hand!

After every holiday I love finding the clearanced tin containers or holiday boxes for goodies! I have a whole tote full of them and these are probably the best gifts to have on hand and the least expensive! Last year after Christmas I picked up these tin containers and holiday boxes for just .13 each! Now when I know we are going to grandma’s house and long lost cousin Ted is stopping by, I can grab one of these festive containers, fill it with cookies, fudge or candy and viola, gift ready to go in minutes!
I also keep a small tote filled with scented candles! Candles are something that can be for anyone, mom, dad, aunt, grandma, etc. They are fairly inexpensive and easy to pop in a gift bag to give! I love finding candles on sale and storing in my gift closet. I also keep a stock of diffusers, scented oils, and decorative candle holders!
Dollar store toys are not only inexpensive you can have a wide range of gifts for all little ones! Grab a few rattles or chew toys for the babies, books, coloring books, race cars or dolls for toddlers, board games or puzzles for tweens and even grab some headphones or body lotion or wash for teens! It’s easy to keep about $20 worth of gifts on hand and have plenty for any age child!
I love giving picture frames to family members, so I always have a few on hand. With kids I always have a abundance of pictures from our girls soccer team, cheerleading, school pictures, holiday cards, etc. So I take pictures of my family and fill the pictures frames to give to grandparents, aunts and uncles- who doesn’t love a frame already filled with a picture.
Another great gift I like to have on hand is stationary and craft items. These aren’t always so much as gifts to give but to help us keep our kids busy during the holidays! Christmas parties can sometimes run longer than expected and guests may be bored of games or activities that you had planned. So I keep these products on hand to pull out and have everyone create their own ornaments, snow flakes, pictures, whatever they want to keep busy!

Last but not least, I like to have a small stash of $5 gift cards to local retailers, ice cream places and restaurants. $5 may not seem like a lot to give but at least you have something to give and remember it’s the thought that counts. Plus if it is someone that you want to give a little more to, stack a few gift cards together to make it worth a little more!

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