Travel: Ways to Save During Spring Break Vacation

Each year families spend thousands of dollars on vacations, keeping us all stressing over our budget or just skipping vacations all together! Average per night hotels cost in the range of $150-$300 and during holidays or peak travel times, such as Spring Break, you may pay more than double for your daily stay! With a family of 6, this is just not in our budget! Finding new ways to save is a must have for us and with these tips I know you will save hundreds of dollars on your next vacation too!

Pick Different Destinations– Each year for spring break families and college students want to hit the beach to get in the sun and have a good time! The problem with this is, everyone wants to do this, creating a busier atmosphere but also allowing hotels, restaurants and entertainment facilities the ability to increase their prices due to the demand! So look at other great destination locations such as Gatlingburg for instance, that are great for you and your family! Check Groupon for super hot deals on lodging, places like the Gatlinburg Rocky Waters Motor Inns have deals for just $32 a night. Check local restaurants and rest areas for savings books as well! We found hundreds of places that had great coupons that helped my family save big! There are plenty of places to visit such as Dollywood, Ripley’s Believe it or Not and Dixie Stampede just to name a few that offer great savings in these coupon books! These are places that are sure to entertain your whole family and since your saving so much on your hotel stay you’ll be able to enjoy more activities and entertainment without breaking the bank!

Take a Road Trip- Air fare can get quite expensive, especially for a larger family. So skip the flight, fill up the tank and hit the road! Road trips are very low cost for the fact that gas is less expensive than multiple plane tickets but it allows you a little more freedom for your destinations. Yes it will take you longer to get there, but find places along the way that you would like to visit to make the most of your trip! You get the flexibility to visit several places, see more and spend less than flying!

Go Camping– Camping is one of my kiddos favorite things to do. We load up the car with our favorite camping gear; tent, sleeping bags, coolers, food, drinks, flashlights, first aid kit and so on! Find a campsite within a hour or so from our home, which on average cost about $25 a night to rent and pitch our tent! We can have a camp fire, tell ghost stories, go hiking, fishing or just enjoy nature! This will be a great experience for your whole family and be extremely easy on your pocket book!

Plan a Stay-cation– This is one of the best ways to save money if that is what you are looking to do this spring vacation! You can spend very little to no money if you want or you can save big on hotel and travel costs by staying home but visit all the great places in your hometown! There are so many places to visit in your own town that you may have never even seen or visited! I have lived in Cincinnati for my entire life and just visited places recently that I had no idea were here! We have several parks that are great to visit such as Eden Park, Sawyer Point, and Winton Woods just to name a few! We also have great places such as The Web Entertainment, Get Air and Newport Aquarium that the whole family will enjoy! Plan a day to take family pictures, host a scavenger hunt or an obstacle course in your backyard! Make the most of your time with your family whether  it is Disney vacation or a backyard camp out, your kiddos will only remember what you did, how much fun you had and the time you spent with them, not how much it cost!

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