Bobee Diaper & Wipe Dispenser- Wall Mounted & Easy To Use!

When you have little ones, you find yourself with baby stuff everywhere! Diaper bags in every corner, diapers, wipes, bottles, toys, clothes, burp rags, bibs, on every inch of your home! Having a baby seems to make even the most organized person a little crazy with clutter! But with so many products to choose from, different sizes, colors, shapes, materials, and so on, it can be hard to find something that will fit you and your families needs! Then I found Bobee Diaper & Wipes Dispenser!

Getting to test out the latest Diaper and Wipes Dispenser from Bobee was something I was looking forward to! I love having everything organized and feel that you must have a place for everything or you will end of with clutter every where! So having a designated place for just wipes and diapers was pretty interesting!

Bobee Diaper Stacker / Diaper Caddy / Wipe Dispenser Award Winning Diaper Organizer for Nursery (Customizable, includes Colored Decals)Your dispenser will come with all the items you need to mount to the wall, decorate and dispense your favorite diapers and wipes! There are many colors you can choose from, mix and match to make your own combination- making your own design is half the fun!

The dispenser slides onto a mounting plate that attaches to your wall. You may install the plate with provided drywall screws and anchors, or you may mount it into a wall stud. Complete mounting instructions and mounting hardware (drywall screws and drywall anchors) are included with your dispenser.  We do not recommend you hang the dispenser directly over the changing table or anywhere that is accessible to your baby.

This dispenser holds about 40-50 standard cloth diapers, regular diapers and pull up and a regular size pack of wipes! With the easy to dispense design, you can use one hand to grab a diaper or wipe while using the other hand to hold that rolling baby! I would have to say this would be best for the hubby! I don’t know how many times I have seen him scramble trying to figure out how to keep one of our girls on the changing table while he tried to grab a diaper or wipe! This way you have one hand FREE to keep your baby safely on the changing table!

Bobee Diaper & Wipes DispenserMy favorite part about this dispenser is that it will be a product that I will continue to use for years to come. Even after the babies are out of diapers and fully potty trained, you can add this dispenser to your bathroom. This dispenser can be easily removed, change your stickers to match the bathroom decor and mounted right near the toilet. This will make a great place to add our little ones flush-able wipes and pull ups then keep them nice and organized in this super cute dispenser!

Check your local baby retailers for this Bobee Diaper & Wipes Dispenser, Bobee listing here or on Amazon! You can snag one of these for around $50!

I received the product above to conduct this review. No other compensation was received and as always my opinion is 100% my own!

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