Design Bling To Decorate Anything! Blingles Shimmering Candy

Looking for a gift for that fashionista or tween always doodling on her notes books? Then Blingles is all you will need!

Create jeweled stickers to add to anything that needs a little bling- cell phones, laptops, school notebooks, bags, and so much more! This Blingles Shimmering Candy pack includes 180 gems, gem pen, gem mat, glue roll, transfer slides, design templates and an instruction booklet! At first I was a little confused as how to make our jeweled stickers, but after checking out the included directions, it was a piece of cake!
Here is what you need to do:
  1. Choose a design from the templates included
  2. Place the clear gem mat on top of the design
  3. Use the gem pen to place gems on the mat over the design
  4. Remove the middle window on the transfer slide and place onto of your design- sticky side down
  5. Rub the top of the transfer slide to ensure you get each gem
  6. Tear off the glue roll sheet and remove the center window
  7. Remove the transfer slide from the mat and place in the middle of the glue roll
  8. Rub the gems to make sure the gems are secure
  9. Peel back the transfer slide, all the gems will stay attached and now you are ready to bling something!
  10. Place the slide over the item you want to bling and press firmly- making sure each gem is attached
  11. Peel back the transfer slide and you will have a super cute design stuck to your item!

Our girls have gave all of their school notebooks some bling! They have even added some bling to their bookbags! These are so much fun and for around $25-$30 you can have hours of fun making all kinds of designs!

be sure to check out the latest Blingles on their site or on their Facebook! You can also purchase them on Amazon or at your local Target, Toys R Us, Kmart and many more retailers!

Blingles are produced by Moose Toys! Moose products are sold in over 75 countries.

Moose’s expertise in product development, marketing and sales crosses multiple categories including Arts & Craft, Collectables, Girls Toys, Plush, Impulse, Outdoor, Activity, Preschool, Games and more. Their brands continually dominate in their categories and their success has been acknowledged with over 40 consumer and industry awards.

I received a sample of Blingles to complete this review. No other compensation was received. My opinion is 100% my own.

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