Kids Frugal Fun: Cloud Watching


Laying in the grass with my girls watching the clouds can be a very relaxing afternoon. As long no one is touching the other one and they don’t pick the same cloud to guess what it looks like! The weather has been so nice and getting out and doing fun things with my girls is one of my favorite things to do!

clouds 2 clouds

Although this afternoon didn’t have the greatest selection of great shapes to pick from to make up crazy suggestions of what they look like. We did get a few hours of enjoying the nice weather and some time together to talk! Be sure to take pictures as well. You could always make a cloud book for your little ones to share later or just look back at when you can’t get out and look at clouds!

pink clouds

As the evening ended and we need to head in for the nightly baths we got to see some great colors and an airplane shooting through the sky! Relaxing time with my kiddos!

cloud and airplane

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