How to Save More Cash When Managing Student Debt

Paying off your existing student loan or maybe even helping out a family member deal with their financial debt is often very overwhelming. Don’t worry! It is possible to pay the totality of your student loans. It might take energy and lots of perseverance, but with the right student loan repayment strategy it is possible to go from having thousands of dollars of debt to becoming debt-free. You might even be able to do it much faster than you have ever anticipated.  Getting your student loan done with fast is the one and only trick when it comes to saving money when dealing with debt.

Let’s say you have got a $30,000 financial loan using a 4.5% monthly interest rate that you pay back over 2 decades – you’ll spend $15,550 in interest. However, when you pay in precisely 10 years, you’ll save around $8,240. In the event you repay it within five years, you’ll save $11,993. That’s enough funds to acquire an exciting new vehicle or take care of rent for almost a whole year.

It’s equally important to remember that defaulting on your education loan can have some really serious consequences; not repaying student loan debt can be a whole lot worse than default on any other types of loans. Defaulting on your regular loans can possibly destroy your credit track record, which makes it difficult to do just about everything from signing up for standard utilities to renting a high-rise apartment. Your debt can also become bigger thanks to accumulating interest. Of course, many student loans are the equivalent of federal financial loans. This is what makes them worse. If you don’t do regular payments, the government can add charges or even take part of your weekly income by requiring your employer to hold back some of your salary and send it straight to government’s pockets.

Yet, sometimes it is undoubtedly more intelligent to settle different loans before college loans – if you have other debts with a larger annual percentage rate, pay that down first. You’ll also definitely want to build emergency savings before really starting to invest more money in your loans. But besides that, it is often really important to pay off your current education loans as soon as possible. It’s not always simple and easy, but it is attainable and will end up saving you more money in the long run.

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Does Money Really Equal Happiness?


Ever wondered what the price of happiness is for you? According to the latest research from Noomii, there is a specific amount of money that can make you happy! Seems like $75,000 is the magic number to increase happiness in people- which for me is a great number! Not only is that enough to cover your basic needs, but can give you the luxury of a little travel and spending as long as you budget your money well! But it’s just not about how much you make but how much your willing to spend of that money that will really make you happy!

Choosing to help others by donating or buying gifts can particularly help boost those happy feelings! Even though buying the hottest pair of skinny jeans, fastest car on the block or donating a truck load of necessities to a local shelter may seem like the best option for happiness,  spending time making memories with friends and family is always my favorite kind of happiness. You can always replace an item but creating memories is something you never forget and can always keep with you!

So what do you think your magic number would be, to be happy? Is $75,000 enough for you?

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Tips To Shop Re-Sale Shops + $1 Clearance Sale Starts Today at Once Upon A Child

Cleaning out last seasons clothes for the kiddos can sometimes be refreshing to be out with the old, but making way for the new can be a bit rough on the wallet. One way we stretch out our clothing budget is to shop re-sale shops and fill our kiddos closets and also pair with new items as well! Gives our girls a good balance of finding brand new items and gently used items all while helping us stay on budget! Here are some tips that we use when shopping local retail stores for the latest fashion items!

Having a plan of what you are wanting to buy is probably the most important task for our family. With 3 girls, shopping tends to become a time to re-create the latest fashion runway show, which in returns means several hours of shopping and several hundred dollar spent. But if we have a plan and know that we are going in looking for a few specific items, it tends to help keep them on track with time and money. Although our pictures from our dressing room fashion shows usually make for some great scrap book pages!

The quality and condition of the item are very important as well. Most re-sale shops tend to only take the best brands- which is a plus for you since you don’t have to take the high prices that come along with the best brand. But you still will want to make sure you are not purchasing something that has more repairs than what it is worth- zippers busted, holes in the knees, seams coming apart, stains, etc. Not that these are common, but getting home to only find a imperfection on something your just bought can be a real disappointment.

Just because you are shopping a re-sale store does not mean you should buy items without trying them on. Most re-sale stores offer dressing rooms just like clothing retail stores- so try it on and see if it works for you! Some re-sale stores, all sales are final. So making sure they fit right before you pay for the items is a must.

Shopping with the kiddos can be a tricky situation. I would recommend that you try to not shop with kiddos at a re-sale shop or you come prepared. One you will be there longer than a typical retail store since you will be shuffling through racks and racks of clothes. In return, they will get bored and want to leave, that will make you feel rushed, most likely making you spend more money. Second I do tend to spend more when I have them with me in general. They find things they want and you tend to add unnecessary items (such as candy or toys) to keep them occupied. But if you are shopping for them and want their opinion, you need to come prepared. Bring snacks, books, toys and cash only! I know this seems like a lot just to go shopping but honestly it helps! Keeping them occupied with snacks and toys/books seems to help our little ones and only bringing so much cash helps the older ones understand that we can only pay for what we have enough cash in hand for!

My favorite thing about shopping re-sale shops is making items our own! This weekend a local re-sale shop is hosting a clearance sale where everything on clearance is just $1! Which is a great way for me to grab a few new pieces to add to our girls wardrobe. But sometimes the items that are available are not always they style or look my girls want! So I have quickly learned that glitter, sequence and embellishments are my new friend! Taking a pair of jeans that I can find for just $1 and adding a few iron on flowers or gems for a few more dollars, makes a whole new look, that my girls absolutely love! This is also great for kiddos that are not thrilled with wearing clothes from the re-sale shop. Adding the embellishments makes the item all their own and a one of a kind!

Once Upon A Child $1 Clearance Sale Starts Today- see here for details!

What tips do you have for shopping your local re-sale shop?

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Tips To Sell On Craigslist- Why Your Items Aren’t Selling!

Recently we have been in the market for a new car and decided to check out Craigslist to see what we could find first. Sometimes searching other options instead of heading straight for the dealership, not only allows you to see what the going price is, the quality available but what seems to sell best in other places, besides the dealer.

After many, many hours of searching, calling, texting and visiting local people to see their vehicles, I quickly became frustrated with “things” that could have easily been avoided! If you plan to sell items on Craigslist or Facebook groups, here are a few tips that can help you sell your item quickly and for the right price- without the frustration for all parties involved!

First have a detailed description of the item you are selling! You honestly would not believe the amount of ads that we would pulled up that would just simply say…. 2010 Dodge Van– $12,000 call Ed at 555-5555. Seriously, there were ads just like this! I will not call you, email you or text you to waste my time of back and for with questions of what it looks like, how many miles, any work needed, color, etc- this should all be listed in the ad. You don’t need to go into great detail as to actual specs from the manufacturer, but be honest and share what you know about the item.

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures! Show quality pictures of the inside, outside, any damage, any great features, etc of the item- none or one image will not get you the quick response you may want! This will also make potential buyers feel that they know what they are getting into before they call or email you, therefore making them feel more comfortable and that your item is what they want! Makes you seem honest and that you are not trying to scam the buyer. Take 5-7 quality images of the item you are selling from many different angles with a quality camera.

Do your research when pricing your item. I know there are many factors that go into your listing price, you may need to pay off debt, wanna take a vacation or just want to make a lot of money on it! But what you want to make off a item and what it is really worth maybe two totally different prices! There are many places out there to check prices of vehicles, priceless heirlooms and kids toys around the house. Check Kelly Blue Book for vehicles or ebay for used items- this will give you an idea of what others are selling their items for and if you can really get what you want out of yours!

Don’t list your home address, meet in a public place and take someone with you! This is not only for your safety but for the other party as well. Never invite a stranger to your home to check out anything that you would be selling or buying just for the mere fact you don’t know their true intentions. There are people out there that are looking for people that are vulnerable, they are looking for clues to come back and rob your home later. Do you have a dog, do you live alone, etc these are all things they will be looking for when they visit your home. Just don’t take that chance, especially if you have children. Not all people are bad, but to be on the safe side, find a local Target or grocery store to meet at!

If you want someone to contact you, you must add your contact information to the ad if you are not going to reply to the automated email! I had several ads that I had no other contact information other than the Craigslist email and after several attempts received no response! If you want to sell your item, list additional contact information or answer the emails!

Staying honest with your ad is probably the most important task for me, to be the most successful when selling your items! I seen an ad that stated a vehicle had 50,000 miles on their van, only to arrive and test drive the van to find out there was really 88,000 miles. When I asked why the ad stated less mileage, I was told they forgot how many miles were on the van when they placed the ad so they guessed! If it would have been just a few miles or even a few hundred miles difference, I would not have said a word! But 38,000 miles difference is huge- too big of a difference for us when we were not looking for a vehicle with that many miles. So you wasted my time and yours and you thought that your dishonesty would go unnoticed- not happy! He could have really just not known and really did guess when placing the ad, but as a buyer, I don’t want you to guess, be honest!

Are there things you feel help you sell your items on Craigslist? Let me know what you do to clear out your old unwanted items!

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Help Plaza Towers Elementary School in OK for FREE

Looking for a Way To Help PLAZA TOWERS school in Moore, OK but don’t have any extra cashDonate BoxTops to their school to help them rebuild!

You can mail your BoxTops to their school directly or you can donate 5 absolutely FREE by heading over to BoxTops Facebook Page– “like’ their page, hit the Summer Countdown tab and select Plaza Towers Elementary School zip code 73160.

That’s it, they will earn 5 FREE BoxTop points just like that!

Thanks I Heart The Mart!

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Shop Perk- Find Recipes & Money Saving Tips

ShopPerk makes smart shopping easy. Every day. For everyone. Get great deals on the things you need most. Compare stores in your area to find the best selection and the biggest savings. Find recipes and ideas that leave you more time, more money and more energy to spend on what you truly love.

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Frugal Tip: Decorate Your Home on a Budget for the Holidays

dollar tree paper products

Dollar Tree Budget Decorating 3

Hosting Christmas dinner can be quite expensive. By time you purchase all the gifts you need, the food and decorations you will have maxed out your holiday budget. But there are little things that you can do to help cut your out of pocket cost with simple swap outs and shopping at the Dollar Tree to snag some great savings!

dollar tree paper productsWhether you want to use paper products or washable dishes for your holiday dinner, shopping the Dollar Tree will help keep your budget on track! With their large selection of holiday paper products- cups, plates, napkins and silverware- you are sure to grab all the needed supplies. Using paper products can be great for the fact that you do not have to do any dishes after your party, just pitch all your products in the garbage!

Now if you would rather have nice dinner dishes and a more formal look for your holiday dinner, then don’t worry you can grab that as well! I found these super cute black round plates and cream and black coffee mugs to help freshen up my dinnerware. On the plus side, these are items I plan to use for our everyday use as well and paid only $1 each!

Dollar Tree Budget Decorating

Don’t forget to add a little splash of decorative flowers, tinsel or garland on just about anything to spice up your holiday decorations! It’s not about spending $40 or $50 on a new centerpiece or table runner to make your home look festive! Simply add a few touches that showcase on old piece to liven up any room!

Dollar Tree Budget Decorating 2

Also add a new picture frame to the table near the front door to make your entry way warm and inviting! Plus this gives you the opportunity to show off your family to visitors during the holiday season!

Dollar Tree Budget Decorating 6

What items have you purchased from the Dollar Tree to help keep your decorating costs down?


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Helpful Tips When Struggling with Mortgage Payments

For most home owners their monthly mortgage payments will be their biggest regular expense. With austerity continuing to bite, keeping up with the payments may become difficult or even impossible for some people.

The ongoing squeeze on family finances means many of us have less money to spend each month. Benefit and wage freezes and even salary cuts for some, combined with increasing prices for basic needs such as food, utilities and petrol mean it can be hard to make ends meet.

How to save money

It’s vital to keep up your mortgage payments if you can, so look for ways to save money in other areas. This can mean having to prioritize spending in a way that you might not have had to do before.

Take a good look at the household budget and work out how you can free up more of your money. Non essentials such as subscription TV channels and gym memberships can be cancelled (but check your contract first) while extras such as take away meals and even the occasional night out might all have to go.

Check your grocery bill for ways to save. Swap from brand names to supermarket own labels and make more of your own food, which is cheaper than buying ready meals. Turn the thermostat down a degree in the winter to help keep fuel bills in check.

While money is tight don’t be tempted into buying anything new unless it’s absolutely essential and don’t take out loans or credit deals to finance new products which will only add to your debt.

If you do have other debts that you are struggling to manage then talk to a specialist money adviser. They might be able to set up reduced payment arrangements for unsecured debts such as personal loans or credit cards which will then release some money that you can put towards paying your mortgage.

Talk to your lender

For some people money saving measures simply won’t be enough. If a breadwinner has lost their job then it’s very difficult to make up the shortfall in income simply by cutting back on household expenses.

It’s important to contact your lender as soon as you know you are struggling to pay your mortgage or if you anticipate that a problem may arise i.e. the threat of redundancy. They’ll have a special department with experienced staff who may be able to help.

Depending on your circumstances there are a number of options your lender might propose. For example they could agree to reduce your mortgage payments for a set time. If you are on a repayment mortgage they might only charge you interest. This will mean smaller monthly payments but you won’t be reducing the capital amount borrowed.

Another option could be to give you a payment holiday. You may be able to extend the term of your mortgage which has the effect of reducing your monthly payments but will cost you more in the long term.

Of course all this can put an incredible strain on families and it’s no surprise that many couples will really feel the pressure and may even separate. If you need legal assistance for family law Liverpool solicitors can help you at this very stressful time.

If your financial circumstances don’t improve, for example you can’t find another job, then it may not be feasible to continue living in your home but your lender may agree to you staying there while it is sold and you look for somewhere new to live.

Written on behalf of Hughes Carlisle solicitors who specialise in a variety of family related issues.

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