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I love checking each year what were my most popular posts for that year! Well for 2012 there were some great posts that you the readers just loved! Here are my top 10 Posts of 2012 (non-giveaway, deals, coupons or review posts):

  1. Getting Started 101- Learn Coupon Lingo
  2. Getting Started 101- Learn Where to Get Coupons
  3. Recipe for Strawberry Triffle Strawberry Triffle Recipe
  4. Recipe for Homemade Mini Pizzas
  5. FREE Printable Holiday Scavenger Hunt
  6. FREE Printable Car Scavenger HuntIn Car Scavenger Hunt Image
  7. Kids Frugal Fun Paper Towel Roll Airplane
  8. Getting Started 101- Save With Rebates
  9. Ways to Save- Laundry Tips
  10. DIY- Make Your Own Watering Can xtra watering can 4

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Just Trying To Save Money

My Goals & Plans for 2013

I am a list maker- I love that feeling of completing something and being able to mark it off my list! So each year I sit down and make a list of things I would like to accomplish through out the year for my family, friends, blog, etc. So here is what I want to accomplish this year- what are your plans this year?

Personally I want to:

  • Lose some weight to be able to start running- maybe even run a mini marathon!!  I have never been a runner, but have always played sports!  I still play softball and love it, but feel very out of shape and need to get more fit and healthy!
  • Go to bed no later than 10pm and get up no later than 6pm. This will give me the opportunity to accomplish so many tasks before my kiddos get up for school! In that hour before I wake up my oldest daughter (6am) I could get at least one load of laundry done, dogs outside and fed and maybe even a post or 2 up on the blog!!

With the kiddos I want to:

  • Plan and accomplishing one night out each month with one of the girls! With all the activities we have and busy schedules, we get very little one on one time with my girls. We do have activities that we do at home that my oldest daughter may think is too kiddish or something that our youngest is just not able to do. But for the most part we do everything all together. I would love to take them each out individually just with me and do something that they want to do!
  • Read more books together as a family. My girls are very active readers, especially for school but I would love to find books that we could all enjoy together!
  • Continue our Family Game Nights! Some weeks it gets very busy and our game night get placed on the back burner. I would like them to be added to the schedule just as we do other events and activities to make sure they get accomplished each week!
  • Start writing journals with the girls! I had read somewhere a few months ago that this mother had a notebook for each child and she would write their child a note each week and then the child would respond back. These notes could be about anything, how their day was, what they did at school, what they want to do, questions they have, etc. Not only is this great to keep your kiddo active in their writing skills, but will keep them talking to you and telling them about what is going on!

With Friends I want to:

  • Get back to monthly get togethers with my girl friends! We were doing very good with this and meeting up at least once a month, but then life gets in the way and makes it hard! So I want to make sure I really push for us to all find a few hours a month to meet up and have a little girl time!

With our home I want to:

  • Get our home organized and back in order. You can check out my 52 Weeks to a Organized & Clutter FREE House 2013- My New Year’s Resolution! to see all what I have planned!
  • Get our home ready to sell! When we bought our home our plan was to stay 5 years and find something bigger. Well we have been here 7 and a half years and now realizing that we have no more space and have completely outgrown this house. There was just 4 of us when we bought it, now there is 5 plus 2 dogs and we are using every inch of this house! So I have made a pretty extensive plan to get our home ready for re-sell and hope to do so in the next year and half to two years. This means you may see more DIY or remodeling projects here on the blog. So please let me know what you think!!

Financially I want to:

  • Save, Save, Save! We have full intentions to sell this home, which means a few up-grades as well as a down payment for a new home. So I plan to find more new ways to save, make a little extra cash and be even more frugal!

With the Blog I want to:

  • Continue to grow & keep my readers coming back! I really love what I do and the only way I know that I am doing the best job is by seeing the increase traffic and new readers to my blog. But it also means I see my oldest and dearest readers come back everyday looking for the latest deal, frugal living tip or just to say hi! I had no intentions when starting this blog to ever make a career out of it! But when you find something you love to do, find something that allows you the flexibility to stay home with my kiddos and to work with such great readers and fellow bloggers, what else would I want!


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Just Trying To Save Money

>My 2010 Goals

>So I thought that if I posted them, I would feel that I would have to complete all of my goals for this year. So some of these are for my blog, my family and for just myself!!


*Make it grow Getting the word out is my main task to make my blog grow. I have added it to Facebook and have business cards coming. I really enjoy finding deals and looking for the best prices and sharing them with my friends and family.

*Get More Followers I would like to see more of my friends and family using coupons and getting the great deals. Everyone I talk to always says, I wish I could do that. Well do it. It is a little confusing at first but then it really all makes sense and you will see a huge difference in your spending.


*More Family Fun Time– We bought a YMCA pass to give us more to do. If you sign up before Jan 31 you do not have to pay the enrollment fee of $125, plus they offer refer a friend. If you refer a friend and they sign up for a pass, you get a month free. Our girls love to swim so it is nice that now we can swim year round. We have even talked about getting a King’s Island pass but with the little one still not 2 yet, it makes it hard to have her still not be able to do too much there.

*Lower our Grocery Bill– For last year on average we spent $80 a week. I would like to get that to $60 but we still have diapers to buy, so that may be hard for alittle while.

*Donate More- I really would like to get into a routine to donate to the Fairfield Food Pantry at least once a month. Right now it is every few months and I feel with all the stuff I get FREE or really cheap we could do more.

*Stockpile More– We have a really good stockpile going but I really want to make it expand.


*Relax and Slow Down- With everyone in the family always having activities and things to do, I feel that we are always on the run. Dance, Cheerleading, Basketball, Soccer, PTC meetings, work, dr. appointments and so on and so on. There is very few moments to really just sit and relax. Even when we are not busy, I feel that I still need to go in fast mode to get the daily things done. So I want to slow down and just relax. Maybe read a book instead of doing that last load of laundry, or play more boards games with the kids instead of dusting the baseboards, it will all still be there tomorrow.

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Just Trying To Save Money