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So I thought I would share a little bit about myself, which is really hard since I do not like to talk about my self at all. First I had been a stay at home mom for the last 7 years and recently went back into the 9-5 daily grind! I do like the routine of work everyday but really miss the extra time with my kiddos and blogging! But with life changes comes new and exciting roads to follow! The pic above is of my mama and myself, can you figure out which one is me?!?!

I love spending time with my 3 kiddos (all girls, I know they will be handfuls during the teenage years!!), playing softball, going to the movies and just spending time outside- camping, playing at the park or just soaking up some sun!! I love shopping, talking to friends, using coupons of course and just laughing. Living near Cincinnati Ohio, there are lots of things to do; Kings Island, Reds, Bengals, Cincinnati Zoo and so much more!

I started really couponing in 2008, after I had my youngest daughter.  I was watching a lady on TV and she was talking about how she was getting most of her groceries and health & beauty items really cheap and even FREE in some cases. I had always used coupons, but not to this extent. So I started researching online how I could do this too. With me being a stay at home mom and having a newborn, we were spending a lot and not saving much. So after about 3 weeks of searching and learning, I started my coupon adventure. It took about 3 months to start getting a real feel for the coupon world and to start getting FREE items and start my stockpile.

I then decided in January of 2009 to start sharing my shopping trips with friends and family in a blog. It also gave me an outlet to write and have a little time for myself.  I love sharing all the great savings I get and all of the saving tips I have learned. I also love getting feedback on what others are doing to save money and how much they save at the grocery. So I hope you enjoy all the things I share and have learned over the past few years and be able to save a ton at the grocery!!!

Please email me with any questions at justtryingtosavemoney (at) yahoo.com

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Back To School Supply Drive- Fairfield City School District, August 21, 2010- Co-Organizer

Japan Relief Event- Tri-County Mall and Matthew 25 Ministries- April 3, 2011- Co-Organizer

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Just Trying To Save Money
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