How To Save on Christmas Gifts With Little to No Money

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Each year it seems harder and harder to find the right gift in the ever shrinking budget we have. So each year we try to find new ways to increase our budget or decrease our spending for the holidays. Here are a few tips we use to make the most of our budget:

  • Clean Out The Garage & Closets: If you have lived on your own for any amount of time, you always seem to have a collection of items that you just don’t use, need to donate or toss. Instead of holding onto those items, snap some pictures and sell your unwanted items on Craigslist. This will not only keep your house more organized and clean, but will help you grab some extra money just in time for the holidays! There are also tons of places on Facebook that you can sell your unwanted items as well. I am in several local yard sale groups where we all sell items that we no longer use or need for extra cash!
  • Make Your Own Gifts: Everyone has some talents; whether it be crafts, baked goods, photography, sports, etc. Find something that you are really good at and offer it as a personalized gift this year! A container of your best chocolate fudge or a photo book of your niece at the playground, will make a great gift with out breaking the bank! Check out Pinterest to find great ideas of what others are making if you can’t think of anything!
  • Pick Names: If you have a large family and a tight budget, suggest a name exchange this year. Put everyone’s name in a bucket and each of you pick another name. This way you only have to buy one other gift instead of multiple gifts, saving you a boat load of cash. You can also spend all your gift giving budget on one great gift, instead of a bunch of smaller, less expensive novelty gifts for your loved ones!
  • Shop Craigslist: Just as quick as selling items on Craigslist to make a little extra cash, you can buy quality products on there as well. People just like you are looking to clean out their unwanted items and grab a little extra Christmas cash, you can grab a great deal on some great gifts!
  • Skip The Wrapping Paper: When you have a lot of gifts to give, this means you have a lot of wrapping paper to buy! This year try a different approach and find things around the house that you can use to wrap all those gifts. Grab construction paper, scrapbooking paper, newspapers, etc. Check out Pinterest for some great ideas on alternative gift wrapping ideas!

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