How To Save Money on Christmas Cards

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Each year the average American spends around $25 on Christmas cards alone, not including postage! $25 could get me a 30 minute massage or 8 Chocolate Chip Frappe’s! Year after year, this becomes an added expense that quickly can be cut out of your budget, saving you money! Here are some ways to help have amazing Christmas Cards without the price tag of the traditional cards!

  • Make Your Own: As long as you don’t plan to send hundred’s of Christmas Cards this year, grab the family, some scrap paper and your arts & crafts box and make your own. Personalizing each card will not only make every card even more special, this could become a great tradition to do with your family each year.
  • Keep The List Small: Every year I seem to add more and more people to our Christmas card list; the new pto mom, our girls new dance teacher, the dog groomer, the old man at the end of the street that always says hi, you get the idea! This can quickly become a huge addition to your holiday budget that you were not expecting! Keep the list to those that are just family and close friends, saving you time and money.
  • Check Dollar Stores: Most dollar stores will have a box of 10 or 12 Christmas cards for just a $1 when larger retailers carry a box of 20-25 for more than $5. But grab them quickly, these boxes of cards always seem to be sold out fairly quick at our dollar store.
  • Check Vistaprint: Vistaprint not only offers business cards, magnets and calender’s- they carry a large selection of Christmas cards that will fit any budget. Time it correctly and you can grab FREE Christmas cards by using special promo codes, all you pay is shipping!
  • Send a Card Via Email: With more and more people send text and emails, snail mail is becoming a thing of the past! So keep up with the times and send a e-card. Most places will allow you to make cards that sing and dance, add your own photos and even create singing, dancing photos of yourself! This is the best option when you want to save time and money~ who doesn’t love FREE!

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