How to Create a Christmas Budget – and Stick to It!

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Creating a Christmas budget each year may seem like a unfavorable task, but it’s one you should not dismiss! With the average American spending more than $500 a year for their holiday shopping, pulling that much from your monthly budget all at one time, can really put a damper on your spending. There are many things you can do to help create a Christmas budget and stick to it!
  • Save a little each week! Start this right away- every pay check put up a small amount of money just for your Christmas shopping. Figure out just how much you can live without each week- skipping a latte a couple times a month may seem like a lot to ask, but come November you will be happy you did!
  • Make A List & Check It Twice! Making a list of the people you know you need to buy for and how much you would like to spend on them, is the best way to keep yourself on track. Only buy for those on the gift for the amount you budgeted. If you buy gifts early on sale, check their name off the list. Come November you will know who else you need to buy for, spending only what you need!
  • Buy Gifts Year Round! There are many times through out the year that stores like Target or Kohl’s price items for basically nothing to make way for new products. Take advantage of this and buy a few gifts when they are at their rock bottom price. This will keep you under budget and spending less time come holiday shopping season scrambling for gifts!
  • Skip The Extras! If you are hosting Christmas dinner or a Cookie Exchange, skip buying the party supplies. Use your own dishes and silverware, then have the kids make the decorations! When the party is over, toss the decorations in the recycle bin and dishes in the dishwasher! This will leave you extra money for your holiday gifts.
  • Buy Gift Cards and Pay With Cash! When November hits and the gift card deals start rolling out, grab as many as you can. Many places will offer you extra or bonus gift cards for buying a certain amounts now. Keep only the gift cards with you as well as your Christmas cash stash while out shopping, leaving the plastic at home! This way you will get more for your money and you are not using credit cards- racking up large bills that will come knocking on your door in January! Best part is that you will stay on budget, only spending what you have in hand!

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