How To Save On Your BBQ Essentials

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Summer is just around the corner and with that comes barbecuing! Nothing like the smell of the smokey grill, fresh cut grass and listening to the neighborhood kids laughing- that is when you know summer has arrived! With this you need to stock up on all your BBQ necessities to make for a great day of backyard and barbecuing.

One of the best places to hit to save big on BBQ essentials is the dollar stores. For less than $25 you can load a cart full of all the items you will need to make for a great day at the grill. Anything from your ketchup, paper plates, snacks, sauces, tongs, foils, and so on are just a few things you can pick up for just one dollar! Our local dollar stores are starting to have such a large variety of items that you will be sure to find everything you need!

When it comes to picking up your meats and produce wait until the last day of your ad circular. When a local store weekly ad ends on Saturday evening, head in around 9pm on that last day, you will see prices drop quickly. Items that were in the weekly ad and are still on the shelf need to be moved out of the store to make way for new product and new sale items. So managers will start to slash prices to get them off the shelf-quickly! This is the best time to snag a large amount of meat or produce for very little out of pocket.

If you are looking for the bigger ticket items such as a grill, hold out just a little longer. With Memorial day right around the corner, retailers will start handing out great discounts on grills and all their accessories. Match these great sales up with coupons or online coupon codes and you will be sure to snag a super cheap grill. Better yet, if you can hold out until the summer is coming to an end, most retailers will not hold onto outdoor grills through the colder months, so slashing prices to get them out the door will be something you will see come September! Patience is a necessity for this option!

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