Tips To Save On Graduation and Wedding Gifts

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When most people think of graduation or wedding gifts, the first thought is money, lots of money! With most people just graduating or just getting married they will be accruing many expenses and need all the extra cash they can use! New homes, new jobs, furniture, college tuition, etc are all expenses on their list. But not everyone feels comfortable with forking out $100+ to everyone they know that graduates or gets married. There are a few ways to save when getting gifts for these newly weds and recent graduates!

Handmade items are quickly becoming one of the best and least expensive gift to give. Now don’t think this means grab a handful of colored pasta and make a macaroni necklace, you will need to put some real thought and a little cash into this gift. Even though you won’t or can’t spend much, you want the recipient to see how much thought and care you put into your gift. Pinterest is full of great gift ideas if you are looking for inspiration. Frame their graduation announcement or create a personalized wedding album, are just a couple ideas to save big on your next gift.
Shop online! This is the best way to save the most- save gas, save time, save money. Almost every store offers coupon codes or free shipping codes to grab a great gift without paying full retail price. Memorial is just a few weeks away and you will see many online retailers offer great savings, just in time for graduation and wedding season.
Most brides spend hours at the nearest Bed Bath and Beyond scanning every item they think they need to start their newly married life off right! Needless to say most brides still have several appliances or gifts from their wedding, that was never used or even opened for that matter. So don’t feel bad if you look for a deal somewhere other than where she registered to grab that triple shot espresso maker. You can check their registry but then head out to local retailers or even check online for big savings. With stores price matching, coupons from the newspaper or online coupon codes, you can get big savings by shopping other stores!
If you feel that you have to give cash but don’t have a lot to give, get creative! There are many ways to make $20 in singles look fun and interesting all folded up as a cash bouquet. Once they see the super cute design, they won’t even want to open each one to see how much they got!

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