Save On Mother’s Day Jewelry Now, Don’t Wait til May!

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Mother’s Day is right around the corner and if you are looking for a great piece of jewelry to give to mom, then here are a few tips to help you save big when selecting your next jewelry purchase.

Most local retailers will start running some specials a few weeks before Mother’s Day but you don’t have to wait til then to get the best deals. Start searching jewelry counters at your local stores for clearance now. Some stores are still clearing out jewelry left over from Valentine’s Day and even Christmas. These items are usually priced pretty low to make way for new jewelry for Mother’s Day and can be a great inexpensive find. They will tend to be items that are usually red and may say I Love You, but mom will love it and never know it was from the last holiday sale!

Shop online– there are many retailers that have sales now, just like local retailers, to make way for new Mother’s Day pieces. Now these items may not be as discounted as a local retailer since they are not paying to take jewelry counter space. But you can combine these special prices with online coupon codes and free shipping codes to snag a gift for less. Don’t forget social media as well. Facebook for example is quickly becoming a place to not only stay in touch with your old friends but keep in the loop on the latest trends, hottest deals and promotions at your favorite retailers.

Another great way to grab a jewelry gift for mom without breaking the bank is to check online auction sites, like Ebay. There are many people trying to clear out their jewelry box and make a little extra cash by selling their gently used jewelry to you. Some items you may be able to pick up for half the regular retail price just by bidding at the right time.

Other ideas to save big on Mother’s Day jewelry is to make your own. Micheal’s Craft Store or your local craft retailer has tons of products to make your very own design. You can make everything from beaded bracelets, jeweled necklaces or loopy earrings. Whether they like gold, silver, red, blue or sapphires, at a local craft store you can find almost anything to please everyone! Most mom’s would love a personalized gift that was hand made by their child or loved ones!

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