Use Resealable Plastic Food Containers to Freeze Your Meals!

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Freezing meals can be a huge money and time saver if you take the time to plan out your menu. We are always on the go, so taking one day to prepare a few extra meals and freeze them for later, is great! Just lay them out in the morning to thaw by dinner and you have a meal ready without spending an hour preparing it! There are many factors for successfully freezing meals. Here are a few tips we use to keep our freezer meals fresh and tasting great when you’re ready to cook!

 The key to keeping your freezer meals good for a long period of time is to know what foods freeze best. There are many foods that freeze very well such as fruits and veggies, cooked meat, cakes, broth, waffles/pancakes, and pre-made meals like casseroles, burritos or soups. I have a great list of items that freeze well! With this come foods that do not freeze well such as cream cheese, sour cream, mayo, lettuce, un-cooked potatoes and some fruits can become mush if not properly frozen.
Keep your freezer meals in smaller portions so they stay fresher, will freeze quicker and then thaw faster as well. Also before freezing hot foods, be sure to wait until they are completely cool. Placing them in the freezer before they are cool can cause other foods to warm up if you place hot food next to them.
Don’t forget to remove all the extra air in your container or freezer bag as well. You want to keep the food fresh and help prevent freezer burn. Just leaving a small air pocket for items such as soups will give the soup just enough room to expand as it freezes but still keep it fresh!
Keeping your freezer meals in freezer bags or resealable plastic food containers is the easiest and most efficient way to store your freezer meals.  Rigid containers and flexible bags make for the best way to freeze foods. Be sure to date and label all your freezer meals bags and containers to know what you have. This is great for planning your meals for the week. Just pull out what meals you need for each day, thaw, cook or re-heat and dinner is served!

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