Items To Stockpile In January

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My stock-up price is when an item is 60% -75% off regular price and for the most part everything we buy goes on sale every 3-4 months. But there are products that only go on sale certain times of the year and become extremely cheaper compared to normal. Here are items you need to stock up on during the month of April!

  • Christmas Decorations & Supplies: This time of year everyone is clearing out Christmas puke to make way for Valentine’s Day, Easter and Swim Suits! Yes you read that right, I already saw them in the stores this week! So grab a tote and fill it with things you know you need for next year’s holiday season that you will get for pennies! This is the time to by extra ornaments, Christmas cards, gift bags, wrapping paper, stocking stuffers, toys, perfume sets, and the list goes on and on! Anything you bought before the holidays is now 75% so buy it for next year to save big during the holiday season!
  • Fitness & Healthy Living Items: Everyone sets that goal as their New Year’s Resolution to get fit, be healthy and become a better you! So take advantage of this, even if it is not yours! Gym memberships are super cheap, yoga pants, exercise equipment, and kitchen items like juicers are just the beginning of the items you will find on sale and deep discount! So if there was ever a time you needed any of these items, this is the time to buy at the lowest price!
  • Vehicles: Most dealerships are looking to clear lots to make way for newer models. They will discount older cars to make way for the new, so head out and check out what you can find! And don’t be afraid to ask for it cheaper! Most of the time they are willing to go even lower than marked to get it off their lot!
  • Super Bowl Foods: This time of year you will see all kinds of products being promoted with Super Bowl logos on them! These items are great for your parties, but great to stockpile in the kitchen as most of these items are usually on great sales to promote the Bowl! So chips, crackers, soda and snack like items are great to keep in the pantry for kiddos lunches or after school snacks!
  • Oatmeal Month: It is National Oatmeal Month which means most oatmeal and breakfast type foods will be on sale! So keep an eye out for Quaker sales!
  • Cold & Flu Medicines: Everyone is always in need of medicine and this time of year is usually the worse! So stock up on those hot deals and don’t just buy enough to get you through this month, check expiration dates and stockpile enough for a few months! If your kiddos are anything like mine, they gets cold all year! So To get a bottle of Triaminic now for $2 vs $8 in July, is a huge savings!

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