6 Tips to Save on Your Next Vacation

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When planning your next vacation, here are a few tips we used last summer to plan our summer vacation to Florida!

  • Skip The Hot Spots- When planning your vacation don’t try and stay directly in the hottest city, look for a hotel or vacation home a few miles out. This will save you big! Hotels in our local city (15 miles away) run $300-$400 a night, hotels near our home are just $80-$100 a night. Yes you will have the convince of being downtown and close to everything, but saving several hundred dollars a night with make up the gas and time you will be spending!
  • Use Your Phone- Calling your hotel or resort may get you a better deal. I know there are a lot of places online that state that they can offer you the best deal and biggest savings, but calling sometimes is best! It will mean a little more work for you but in the long run I have saved several hundred dollars off a house rental by calling around and finding the best deal!
  • Pack Light- If you plan on flying then be sure to keep your baggage in check. Almost all airlines charge per bag and are very limited to size and weight. So over packing an over-sized bag is going to leave you to larger airline ticket fees, killing your travel budget!
  • Keep Your Schedule Flexible- There are many times you can find a great flight or car rental but it is not when you wanted. If you can open your schedule a little when planning your vacation you will be able to save even more. There have been many times that we were able to save more than a $100 by moving our vacation just by 1 or 2 days.
  • Time Your Vacation- When planning your vacation, check for peak times and avoid them. Now through April is a pretty expensive time of year to book vacations for warm weather locations, but with the right timing you may be able to grab a hot discount! Keep an eye on holiday deals and specials and steer clear of March- which typically hosts most schools spring breaks. Most people are not planning a vacation around MLK Day but you may get a deeper discount for it!
  • Look for Discounts with Loyalty Cards, Rewards Programs & Membership Deals- There are so many places that offer special travel savings or discounts such as AAA, warehouse discounts, as well as employer discounts and military deals! Everything and anything that you and your family are a part of call and ask if they offer any discount deals. Some of these can even offer deals on restaurants, attractions as well as your hotel, car rental and other travel arrangements. They may not be huge savings but every little bit counts!

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