What Are Your Must Haves for Travel? #DownyWrinklePlusHolidayTravel

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downy travel kit2015 has allowed me and my family the opportunities to travel quite often! With all that travel, I quickly caught onto what some of the must haves are for our travel! My family of 6 sometimes needs to be prepared for anything and everything, which normally means more luggage, more clothes, more activities and so on and so on! But one thing I always have is a small bag that pretty much sticks to my side! This is my go to and changes alittle with each trip. But there are a few items that stick in my bag while traveling!

  • Pain Reliever: I do have horrible migraines, so being prepared for them with Advil is a must have. Not to mention 4 girls traveling sometimes, does not always mean getting along when visiting the greatest places on earth!
  • Small Pillow: Some sort of pillow or head rest has it advantages! Whether you are in a car or a plane or train, resting your head for a few minutes can help relieve the stress of travel. So I include a small pillow to help keep me relaxed, comfortable and a blow up one is great for storing in small places.
  • Downy Wrinkle Releaser: With needing to bring a lot of luggage, I tend to try and cram every piece of clothing into one large bag for each member of my family. Which in return can cause our clothes to unpack a little wrinkled. So having Downy Wrinkle Releaser to keep our clothes looking nice with having to tote along the iron on vacation!holiday travel downy wrinkle
  • Deodorant & Perfume: We all need to smell good! It’s just that simple!
  • Toothbrush & Toothpaste: And we defiantly all need fresh breathe!
  • Baby Wipes: Even though my girls are no babies any longer, we are always in need of a tissue, sticky hands to be washed or a messy face! So keeping them close is a must have!

So what are your must haves for travel? Do you use some of the same things I do or is your list completely different? Let me know what your must haves are!

I received a travel kit from Downy in exchange for this post. No other compensation was received and as always my opinion is 100% my own!

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