Warning: This Packages Contains POOP!!

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poop gameWhile attending the Chicago Toy Fair a few weeks ago, we had so much fun playing with toys, checking out new games and finding super cool, interesting activities that my girls just loved! I have to tell you when we stopped by the Breaking Games booth that had a game called The POOP Game, I just had to have it! My oldest daughter thought it was funny to tell a person walking down the street from my van window one afternoon that she “pooped today”. The lady laughed, we laughed and now we talk about how she “pooped today” all the time! So to find a game that is called The POOP Game, I knew she needed it!!

The POOP Game is an fairly easy game to play and if you have ever played UNO, then you have the gist! POOP is a card game where the first player to run out of cards wins! Take turns pooping but don’t clog the toilet! Some cards make players perform crazy acts which are a complete hoot. You can play POOP with up to 10 players when combined with the Party Pooper Edition.

This game is great for getting the family or your friends together and could be a great way to get those little ones adding! This game could get you talking more about POOP, which can be a good and bad thing! My girls think it’s funny to say POOP whenever we are in public to see if people look at them! So I know now that we have The POOP Game, it will most liekly be discussed more!

This is a great family friendly game and everyone will love it! It is recommended for ages 5 and older but if you have younger ones that can play UNO then they can play this!

Breaking Games is a unique company. Founded by Shari Spiro of AdMagic, Breaking Games is a promotion and publishing company dedicated to getting their client’s games into the hands of people who love to play them. They are unique in that they promote the game and the designer above the company because they are the stars.

You can grab this game on Breaking Games site or on Amazon for about $10 each! They also carry games such as Gothic Doctor, Word Shuffle, Hogger Logger, Parenthood and Games of Phones! If you are looking for interesting games to play with the family, friends or party, these will sure to be the talk of your next game night!

You can find The POOP Game and other Breaking Game games on the following:

Breaking Games

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I received The POOP Game from Breaking Games in order to conduct my review. No other compensation was received and as always my opinion is 100% my own!

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