Use Your Old Catalogs In A New Way

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How To Use Old Catalog for Pinterest

If you are in direct sales you know how expensive buying new catalogs can be. So having left over catalogs can become a pretty expensive habit. So I have seen where you can place a sticker on the back of the catalogs stating “Although this catalog may be old, take one look and you’ll be sold! Now that you’re a fan of what you see, simply contact me and get a new catalog free!” Or you can use them to make gift bags or mystery bags for your parties!

But after talking to my Director today, we discussed a few ideas to not only use these old catalogs but share the new catalogs and possibly gain hostess’! So here is what we came up with!

How To Use Old Catalog

What you’ll need:

  • old catalog
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • tape and or stapler

How To Use Old Catalogs Fold top To the bottom    How To Use Old Catalogs Fold Bottom To the Top

Tear out a page from the old catalog. You then will need to fold the bottom of the page 1.5 inches from the top and then fold the top from the bottom 1.5 inches. Opening each fold back out after you do so. You are just creating a crease right now.

How To Use Old Catalogs Fold each side

Then fold each side of the page so that the fold is 2 inches.

How To Use Old Catalogs cut each side

Then lay the page back out flat and you will see a crease in the middle of each side. You will want to cut on that crease only in the 2 inches you folded the sides into. Do not cut all the way across as this will become the bottom of your box. You then will fold each flap that you just cut over and tape in the middle to each other.

How To Use Old Catalogs Fold at an angel and middle

Each corner will have a little tab sticking out that you will need to fold at angles and then fold the flap back towards the middle of the page. Add a piece of tape to each of these tabs to keep them from popping up.

How To Use Old Catalogs Finished inside

This is what your page should look like after all your tabs are taped. Then pull the top of the page towards the bottom of the page and you will see how the creases you made will make the middle into a flat section, creating a box like shape.

How To Use Old Catalogs Fold tape and staple

Each side you will need to tape the inside and outside of the seams to keep it together.

How To Use Old Catalog add mini catalogs

Once it is all together this will make a great little display box for your mini catalogs to sit on the counter at your favorite coffee shops, salon or at your kiddos dance class! This is a easy way to use those old catalogs that you may have laying around for no cost to make! It took me about 3 minutes to complete each one of these! These could also be used as mini gift bags if you wanted to take a hole punch and add some ribbon to create a handle. Making great bonus hostess gifts or booking gifts at your parties as well. You could also add your business card to the front of this or a sticker with some specials you want to offer, the ideas are endless!

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