Does Money Really Equal Happiness?

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Ever wondered what the price of happiness is for you? According to the latest research from Noomii, there is a specific amount of money that can make you happy! Seems like $75,000 is the magic number to increase happiness in people- which for me is a great number! Not only is that enough to cover your basic needs, but can give you the luxury of a little travel and spending as long as you budget your money well! But it’s just not about how much you make but how much your willing to spend of that money that will really make you happy!

Choosing to help others by donating or buying gifts can particularly help boost those happy feelings! Even though buying the hottest pair of skinny jeans, fastest car on the block or donating a truck load of necessities to a local shelter may seem like the best option for happiness,  spending time making memories with friends and family is always my favorite kind of happiness. You can always replace an item but creating memories is something you never forget and can always keep with you!

So what do you think your magic number would be, to be happy? Is $75,000 enough for you?

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