Day 3 Back to School Shopping: Check Last Years Supplies & Stockpile

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Before I make my list of needed supplies and clothes for our Back To School Shopping, I always check everything I have left over from last year. Using what you already have can save you quite a bit of money and the time shopping for new items!

I do buy more items than I need when they are on sale so that they are available to our kiddos when they need them throughout the school year. So I check to see what all we have new from last year. I keep all of my stockpiled school supplies near our computer for easy access and to keep them organized!


I also check the supplies they brought home at the end of the school year. Our oldest cleaned out her locker at the end of the year to bring home 2 folders that were never used. She also can re-use her calculator from last year as well as her lock for her locker. Re-using these items will not only save me money, but time out shopping for them.


There are many items that can easily be re-used; notebooks, erasers, makers, crayons, binders, backpacks, calculators, combination locks, etc. Re-using last years items are going to depend on how hard your child is on their supplies. Our oldest daughter still has school shoes that we bought back in April that look like they have never worn, but our middle daughters shoes, bought at the same time, look as if they are 3 years old. So if you have one that is harder on their belongings this may not work, but it is always good to check and see if there is anything you can re-use!

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