Day 2 Back to School Shopping: Clean Out The Old

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Before I make my list of needed clothes, I go through what we have now. Not only to clear out the old but figure out what we need to buy! I start with basics, clearing out underwear, socks, leggins, etc then onto shirt, shorts, pants, then finally shoes! I will ask that the kiddos help with this task. Even though I am pretty good at knowing what fits my girls, there are always a few items that look like they may fit and then end up not fitting at all. So I let them play dress up with the clothes I need them to try on! Then we sort…

We had 4 boxes to separate unwanted clothes:

Donate- clothes that are gently used that we could drop off at our local Goodwill store

Throw Away- clothes that are beyond repair and can not be donated

Pass Down- with 3 girls I have several totes in the garage that I keep clothes from the older girls to pass down to the younger ones. There has been many of times that I have gone to put a pair of jeans on our youngest daughter and none of them fit, seems like over night she grew 3 inches. I can then rummage through the hand me downs totes until I can buy her new pants. This also is a great way to save a little cash, not having to always buy new clothes for all 3 girls. We do buy several new pieces to make sure the girls clothes look fresh and they don’t have only hand me downs!

Re-Sale I also sort out items that I know could bring a little extra cash to our back To School budget that I will take to our local re-sale shop and make a few dollars!

Then I begin my list of what they need for the beginning of school year.

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