Tips To Shop Re-Sale Shops + $1 Clearance Sale Starts Today at Once Upon A Child

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Cleaning out last seasons clothes for the kiddos can sometimes be refreshing to be out with the old, but making way for the new can be a bit rough on the wallet. One way we stretch out our clothing budget is to shop re-sale shops and fill our kiddos closets and also pair with new items as well! Gives our girls a good balance of finding brand new items and gently used items all while helping us stay on budget! Here are some tips that we use when shopping local retail stores for the latest fashion items!

Having a plan of what you are wanting to buy is probably the most important task for our family. With 3 girls, shopping tends to become a time to re-create the latest fashion runway show, which in returns means several hours of shopping and several hundred dollar spent. But if we have a plan and know that we are going in looking for a few specific items, it tends to help keep them on track with time and money. Although our pictures from our dressing room fashion shows usually make for some great scrap book pages!

The quality and condition of the item are very important as well. Most re-sale shops tend to only take the best brands- which is a plus for you since you don’t have to take the high prices that come along with the best brand. But you still will want to make sure you are not purchasing something that has more repairs than what it is worth- zippers busted, holes in the knees, seams coming apart, stains, etc. Not that these are common, but getting home to only find a imperfection on something your just bought can be a real disappointment.

Just because you are shopping a re-sale store does not mean you should buy items without trying them on. Most re-sale stores offer dressing rooms just like clothing retail stores- so try it on and see if it works for you! Some re-sale stores, all sales are final. So making sure they fit right before you pay for the items is a must.

Shopping with the kiddos can be a tricky situation. I would recommend that you try to not shop with kiddos at a re-sale shop or you come prepared. One you will be there longer than a typical retail store since you will be shuffling through racks and racks of clothes. In return, they will get bored and want to leave, that will make you feel rushed, most likely making you spend more money. Second I do tend to spend more when I have them with me in general. They find things they want and you tend to add unnecessary items (such as candy or toys) to keep them occupied. But if you are shopping for them and want their opinion, you need to come prepared. Bring snacks, books, toys and cash only! I know this seems like a lot just to go shopping but honestly it helps! Keeping them occupied with snacks and toys/books seems to help our little ones and only bringing so much cash helps the older ones understand that we can only pay for what we have enough cash in hand for!

My favorite thing about shopping re-sale shops is making items our own! This weekend a local re-sale shop is hosting a clearance sale where everything on clearance is just $1! Which is a great way for me to grab a few new pieces to add to our girls wardrobe. But sometimes the items that are available are not always they style or look my girls want! So I have quickly learned that glitter, sequence and embellishments are my new friend! Taking a pair of jeans that I can find for just $1 and adding a few iron on flowers or gems for a few more dollars, makes a whole new look, that my girls absolutely love! This is also great for kiddos that are not thrilled with wearing clothes from the re-sale shop. Adding the embellishments makes the item all their own and a one of a kind!

Once Upon A Child $1 Clearance Sale Starts Today- see here for details!

What tips do you have for shopping your local re-sale shop?

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  1. These are some great tips. I like your idea to bring snacks – snacks are always good!!
    Chrysa recently posted..Gymboree Sale – Everything is $12.99 & Under + Earn Gymbucks!!My Profile

  2. I always shop re-sale and thrift for the kids. These are great tips. Thanks for sharing!
    Amiyrah recently posted..Stars and Brights #FashionFridayMy Profile

  3. I definitely need to do some cleaning out to take to our resale shop! Great idea!
    Mariah recently posted..The Simple Things in LifeMy Profile

    • Brianne says:

      I feel like we clean out clothes weekly, with 3 girls always growing, we can’t seem to keep clothes longer than a few months!

  4. That’s so good to know, you can probably pick up some great deals!
    Cinny recently posted..Customized #nutrition for your #furbabies! #petsMy Profile

  5. Oh I wish our Once upon a Child wasn’t so far away! I would totally stop by and start shopping!!! We make a special trip the beginning of Summer for summer clothes and one right before school starts for school clothes. I love this store!!
    Amber Edwards recently posted..Organization Products to Help You Say Goodbye to Lost Office Supplies! Organizing your desk with Deflect-o cubes #ShopletreviewsMy Profile

    • Brianne says:

      Our girls go through clothes like crazy, so only paying $1 for some great outdoor clothes is great for us!!


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