Aldi Ad Match-up 6/16 – 6/22

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Here are a few highlights from Aldi for this week. Check out Cincinnati Cents for the full match-up!

***Special Note for Aldi***

Aldi does not not accept any coupons and only accepts cash and debit cards as forms of payment. Also do not forget to bring a quarter for the grocery cart, once the cart is returned you get your quarter back! You should also bring your own shopping bags unless you want to purchase grocery bags from Aldi since they do charge for grocery bags. Aldi store ad’s are regional, so be sure to check your local ad to verify pricing.

Wednesday Only Deal:

Nothing this week

Rest of the Week:

Lean Ground Beef, $2.79/lb.

Ground Beef Patties (3 lbs.), $8.99

Kirkwood Chicken Breasts (48 oz.), $5.99

Parkview Brats, $1.99

Roseland Baby Back Pork Ribs, $8.99

Parkview Griller Sausages, $2.49

Honeydew, $1.49

Strawberries, $0.99

Blueberries, $1.49

Red Grapes, $0.75/lb.

Cantaloupe, $1.49

Peaches, $0.25

Nectarines, $0.25

Plum, $0.25

Friendly Farms Gallon Milk, $1.89

Happy Farms Cheese Singles, $1.79

Little Salad Bar Macaroni Salad, $2.49

Sundae Shoppe Sundae Nut Cones, $1.99

Burman’s Steak Sauce, $0.99

Burman’s BBQ Sauces, $0.79

L’Oven Fresh Kaiser Buns, $1.79

Clancy’s Wavy Potato Chips, $1.49

Lunch Buddies Pudding Cups, $0.89

Baker’s Corner Marshmallows, $0.89

Baker’s Corner Patriotic Confetti Cake Mix, $0.99

Baker’s Corner Patriotic Frosting, $1.29

Baker’s Corner Patriotic Marshmallows, $0.99

Boulder Napkins, $1.29

Boulder Plastic Wrap, $1.49

Boulder Foam Plates, $1.49

4th of July Tableware, $0.89

Black Flag Spray, $2.39

Grafix Glow Flags or Bracelets, $1.99

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