BoxTop Collection Container

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BoxTops Collection

Our kiddos school collect BoxTops, Labels for Education, Tyson Labels and Coke Lids to earn extra cash for educational materials. As much as I love  helping my kiddos school, I hate having to figure out where to store all these items until we can turn them into the school. So after many different options; baggies, bowls, envelopes, etc, I decided to make something a little more decorative, that I didn’t mind sitting on the shelf!  Here is what I used to make my BoxTop Collection Container:

  • Old Pringle Canister
  • Printed Lists of all the items we collect
  • Scissors or Knife
  • Glue Stick

I cut a hole in the lid big enough to hold a Coke Lid since that is the biggest item we collect for school.

BoxTops Collection Lid

Then took printouts of all the items we collect from their website and glued them to the canister. That is it, easy huh?!?!

I made about 5 of these and passed them out to friends and family to help collect for our school as well! This way they know exactly what to collect to donate to our school.

Our school was able to triple this year the amount of BoxTops we collected which allowed us to purchase so many new educational items that is not available in the school budget. Without this extra money our kids would not have access to the latest technology! So grab an old Pringles Canister and get to collecting! How much can you help your school earn with just a BoxTop from groceries you already purchase?

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