Twist & Spin with Dizzy Dancers

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Furreal Friends Dizzy Dancers Dance Champs 2pk - OWL AND CHIPMUNK PACK

Dizzy Dancers, the latest from Hasbro is twistin and rockin all over the stores this holiday season! These super cute pets are similar to the old fashion tops that spin from the bottom pin on each pet, keeping your little one entertained for hours!

There are more thank 50 Dizzy Dancers to choose from; everything from a monkey, dog, cat, bird, owl, chipmunk and many more! Recommended for ages 4 and up these pets spin and twirl just like the old fashion tops! These little pets can perform tricks spinning around all with the pull of their cord! Our girls loved this toy! All of them, ages 11, 8 and 4 were able to easily pull the cord getting these Dizzy Dancers movin all over our house!

You can also create your very own Dizzy Dancer – grab the dizzy twirlin base and mix and match to make your very own creations! Available at most major toy retailers, Amazon or Hasbro Toy Shop starting at $8.99 each!

GET THE DIZZY STARTED with this adorable, twirling, spinning fox pet! It’s easy to make your FOXIELU pet spin and twirl all over! Just attach your pet to the included DIZZY TWIRLIN’ BASE, insert the included DIZZY CORD accessory and pull it out quickly, and then watch as your funny pet starts to twirl and swirl! The faster you pull out the DIZZY CORD accessory, the faster your FOXIELU pet whizzes around!



Ages 4 and up.

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