Frugal Tip: Decorate Your Home on a Budget for the Holidays

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Dollar Tree Budget Decorating 3

Hosting Christmas dinner can be quite expensive. By time you purchase all the gifts you need, the food and decorations you will have maxed out your holiday budget. But there are little things that you can do to help cut your out of pocket cost with simple swap outs and shopping at the Dollar Tree to snag some great savings!

dollar tree paper productsWhether you want to use paper products or washable dishes for your holiday dinner, shopping the Dollar Tree will help keep your budget on track! With their large selection of holiday paper products- cups, plates, napkins and silverware- you are sure to grab all the needed supplies. Using paper products can be great for the fact that you do not have to do any dishes after your party, just pitch all your products in the garbage!

Now if you would rather have nice dinner dishes and a more formal look for your holiday dinner, then don’t worry you can grab that as well! I found these super cute black round plates and cream and black coffee mugs to help freshen up my dinnerware. On the plus side, these are items I plan to use for our everyday use as well and paid only $1 each!

Dollar Tree Budget Decorating

Don’t forget to add a little splash of decorative flowers, tinsel or garland on just about anything to spice up your holiday decorations! It’s not about spending $40 or $50 on a new centerpiece or table runner to make your home look festive! Simply add a few touches that showcase on old piece to liven up any room!

Dollar Tree Budget Decorating 2

Also add a new picture frame to the table near the front door to make your entry way warm and inviting! Plus this gives you the opportunity to show off your family to visitors during the holiday season!

Dollar Tree Budget Decorating 6

What items have you purchased from the Dollar Tree to help keep your decorating costs down?


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