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I have to say that I am a avid photographer, taking hundreds of pictures of our kiddos each month and happen to think that I take some pretty unique and amazing pictures! But with that being said, I was not a very patient person when it came to trying to snap some great pics of our very active 11 month old puppies!!

When taking pictures of our little ones, I can usually talk them into turning this way or moving your head that way, even bribing them with snacks or toys! But with our puppies, it’s like trying to ask for directions in English to someone that only speaks Chinese! Even with treats, they were not interested! So after searching the internet for some much needed advice as to how to get some decent pictures of our little puppies, I found Beautiful Beasties- A Creative Guide to Modern Pet Photography.

This book is amazing not only for pet owners but for photographers that need help snapping great pictures of those busy body pets as well as black animals, shooting during weather issues, maintaining interest with sick animals, etc. Any level of photography skills can find useful information in this book! I am not a professional photographer by any means so there were a few times while reading this book that I was not sure what certain things meant. But I was still able to understand how to create amazing shots of our furry friends! If you are tinkering around with the idea of becoming a pet photographer this book will be a great addition to your photography training!

Beautiful Beasties breaks down everything you need to know about taking pictures of your pets. Everything from the background of pet photography, pet photography challenges, basics, lighting to even becoming a professional pet photographer!

Chapter 8: Pet Photography Challenges is the part in the book that I seem to find the most helpful. We have one puppy that is mainly black which whenever we take a picture of her, she either blends into the background or the rest of the picture is overexposed! The solution, decrease the exposure on your camera- most camera’s are set to a certain percentage of gray across the image, adjusting this will help create a perfectly exposed shot of your black pooch! Now needless to say even with adjusting this on our camera did not help us with our over active Bailey!

Onto our other challenge- how both of our 11 moth old pups are still very active and don’t believe in sitting to take silly old pictures! So after about an hour of snapping picture after picture, needless to say our girls were sick and tired of me asking them to sit, stay, sit, stay and so on! Both pups were just not interested and kept looking at me like, really, I have to sit again! So I will attempt again to try and get some more images of them but here is what I was able to snag of our big pup, Lucy!

There are so many helpful and useful tips in this book that I just couldn’t list them all!

  • Tire Out Overactive Pets
  • Stand Back but Act Fast
  • Enhance Your Shots by Using Props

Every pet parent knows how difficult it is to get that calendar-quality photo of a beloved cat or dog. This guide to pet photography is long overdue! Pet lovers will find terrific tips to help them capture their pets personalities in photos, while professional photographers who want to extend their business opportunities will value advice on the unique challenges of working with animals and creating the portraits their clients want.

With pet owners comprising more than 62 percent of Americans, there is an eager amateur market for a book that reveals how to get great photos of those furry family members
Zeroes in on pet photography as a growing specialty among professional photographers, and this book offers advice for creating great pet portraits as well as tips on working with animals and their owners
Explains how to capture expressions, avoid spooky eyes, edit for better images, work with multiple animals, and much more

As the first serious guide to pet photography on the market, Beautiful Beasties has what pet parents and professional photographers need to capture memorable pet photos.

So what are some of your pet photography challenges? Need help? Enter below for your chance at your very own copy of Beautiful Beasties to snag that perfect shot of your fury friend!

Buy it now at Wiley

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    lack of cooperation

  2. jorie rogers says:

    My dog always tries to lick the camara!

  3. My cat always moves around too much when I try to take her picture–unless I catch her when she’s sleeping.

  4. I swear my dog wants me to take pics of his butt. He turns around every time I bust out the camera

  5. Belinda Shaw says:

    My biggest challenge is to keep my dog still.


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