Items To Stockpile In September

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My stock-up price is when an item is 60% -75% off regular price and for the most part everything we buy goes on sale every 3-4 months. But there are products that only go on sale certain times of the year and become extremely cheaper compared to normal. Here are items you need to stock up on during the month of September!

  • Back To School Items- school has most likely already started so stores are wanting to get rid of all the Back To School items they have left over. These things range from paper, pencils, crayons, markers, dorm room items, backpacks, clothes and uniforms.
  • Lunchbox Favorites- Juice Boxes, Lunchables, Pudding Cups, Peanut Butter, Fruit Snacks & Fruit Roll-ups.
  • Breakfast Foods- Waffles, Cereal & Pop Tarts
  • Gardening Items- Most people have put away their gardening tools and have finished their season of growing new plants. But if you know anything about gardening there are some plants that are great to start planting now and to start collecting seeds for next year. Stores are quickly getting rid of items like garden hoses, seeds, planter boxes & containers and necessary items to maintain a great garden, to make way for their holiday items coming in. This is a great time to snag cheap garden items for your next growing season!
  • Canned Goods and Soups
  • Pasta Sauce
  • Seasonal Produce- There is certain produce items that are plentiful this time of year which means great pricing for you! Find recipes that you can incorporate these items into your daily meals or freeze some of these items to make them last even longer! Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Grapes, Apples, Onions & Bell Peppers.
  • Diabetic Items- Meters, diabetic foods and other diabetic products.
  • Outdoor Items- Anything for the patio, grills, etc is getting clearanced out right now to make room for all those holiday decorations. Take advantage of these great sales!

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