Now The Kiddos Are In School- I Can Shop Again!

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School started today for our girls! I was a little sad, (ok, I cried- a little, ok, maybe a lot)  it’s not everyday that your little girls start a new grade! But it does bring me a little enjoyment as well! To be completely honest, I love shopping, but with 3 little ones running around the store, it isn’t always the most pleasant atmosphere! But now I get to shop til I drop without hearing, she touched me, she looked at me, she took that from me, etc! I get to actually shop in peace in quiet!

But this also means that I have a little more time at home to make sure I am getting the best deals, finding the best printable coupons and learning a little more about how to coupon! I get to search for new recipes and even try them all before the kiddos get home! Having fun new snacks ready for the kiddos when they get home from school always brings a smile to their faces! Grocery Coupon Network has this great list of kid friendly recipes that I have used several of and have always bee a huge hit in our house!

$0.75 off any TWO (2) Bagel-fuls (4ct)

I can also check out new videos about couponing, how to coupon and how to stack coupons the correct way! Being a visual person I love checking our Grocery Coupon Network’s video’s– clear, easy to understand and makes couponing a breeze.  Learning the proper way to coupon helps you save time, money and stress! Don’t miss out on a deal just because you are not sure how to take advantage of the sale & coupon combination!!

So even though the summer is coming to an end, I do have something to look forward to!! What are your plans now  that school is back in?

This is a sponsored post via Grocery Coupon Network! My opinion is 100% my own.

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