Top 5 Fraudulent Coupons 7/26

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Everyone is looking to save, but using coupons that are fake is not the way to do so. Using a coupon that was not made by the manufacturer can land you in jail and with thousands of dollars in fines. Coupon fraud is quickly becoming a hot trend, but don’t jump the band wagon unless you are ready to suffer some very serious consequences.

Even if you were unaware of a coupon being a fake and use it at your local store, you can still serve jail time and pay huge fines, so be careful of where you get your coupons. I tend to only use coupons from my local Sunday Newspaper and from the printable coupon sites that I have used and trusted for years-, RedPlum, Coupon Network or SmartSource.

Here are a few tips to spotting a fraudulent coupon….

  1. You are able to print multiples of the same coupon– most legitimate printable coupon sites will only allow you to print 2 from the same computer. Getting an email with a sheet full of coupons to print or a PDF file of a coupon should tell you right away this coupon is not legit.
  2. The deal is too good to be true– if the coupon is making an item completely FREE before it is even on sale, is a good sign it’s not legit.
  3. It expires months or even years from now– most coupons are only good just a few weeks. So when you get a coupon that expires several months from now or even years, you know it is a fake.

Here are  a few of the latest fraudulent coupon…..

JM Smucker Company-Crisco-On five 6oz-$9.00 expires 10/29/2012- 0051500-978969

The Folgers Coffee Company- Dunkin’ Donuts- Any flavor -$7.00 expires 10/31/2012 -0081334-408860

Land O’ Frost- Deli meats -On any three-  $10.00 expires 10/26/2012 – 0051900-527030

Georgia Pacific- Angel Soft bath tissue -One package- Free expires 06/30/2013- 0043133

Unilever – Klondike – On any pack – $3.25 expires 12/02/2012 – 4603083

Find more Coupon Fraud Coupons here!

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