Why Playing The Drugstore Game Can Help Your Budget!

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Over the past few months we as a family have been so busy with soccer practice, games, field days, award ceremonies, PTC events, etc. So I felt that cutting out the extra shopping at the local drugstores for a little while would help save some extra time each week not having to chase the deals!

At first it was easy and actually I did feel as if I was shopping less. But the this week came along and I realized I was very low and even out of some stockpile items that are normally FREE or really cheap at the drugstore and they weren’t on sale this week.

Meaning I may have to pay full price for items I would normally get for FREE. Meaning money from our grocery budget that could be spent on other items is now going to be spent on basics I  would normally have in my stockpile. I know that the drugstore game is not for everyone but for our family getting shampoo, soap, razors, medicine, etc for FREE each week really helps us stretch our grocery budget tremendously.

So next week I will be back to CVS and Walgreens to grab some great deals.

If you are looking to get started at the drugstores check out how to get started.

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  1. I agree w/this completely! I quit going to CVS as much and I used to work right beside one. I am now trying to rebuild my stockpile. The things that hurt the worst are paying full-price for razors. My husband and I can only use the name-brand ones so I had built up a huge stockpile thanks to the FREE ones I was getting at CVS, but then when I quit going we ran out quickly. I’m slowly getting us another stockpile going. I love shopping drugstores!

    • Brianne says:

      I know, I was running low on razors too and I was worried about paying $10-$13 a razor!! YIKES!! I just love the deals!!

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