Water Your Garden with a 2 Liter Bottle?

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Water your garden with a 2 liter bottle you say?!?!

This gardening season has shown some very challenging obstacles for us, our main one being  to keep the puppies from eating everything!! The other issue has been our water barrel that we made last year has been leaking, all the water is gone within a few days after the rain. This again is something I can say the puppies got a hold of. Eating the nozzle, I guess will do that! So until I get a chance to pull it apart and fix it, I was trying to think of another way to water my garden, inexpensively! So I went to our trusty recycled item tote filled with items that we normally would have thrown in the recycle bin, but we thought we could make something out of it and voila the 2 liter bottle.

What you need:

  • 2 liter bottle
  • power drill
  • a screw
  • pair of scissors

Take the label off the sides of the 2 liter bottle and rinsed it out.


Use a drill and screw to drill a hole in the top of your cap. When you fill the 2 liter and turn it upside down in the ground, it will slowly drip out the hole into your garden, watering your plants!












Make a small hole in the side of the bottle, take a pair of scissors and cut the bottle to the height you would like. I made a few different sizes. I have some that are a little taller to make sure we water the garden deeply and will hold a lot more water, meaning less watering of the garden. I have a couple that only about half the size of the 2 liter- this will be good to keep the surface wet as well.


I then buried the 2 liter in the garden bed.


Then fill that bad boy up with water and site back and enjoy the afternoon! The smaller the hole means less water dripping out, several holes mean more drippage! It is really up to you. If you want to water your garden less often, add only one smaller hole- but this may mean you need to add several 2 liters. Want to get your hands dirty and check on your garden more, add a bigger hole or maybe 2 or 3 holes in the cap. Each of our garden beds are 5 feet long and 4 feet wide and I have 5 2 liters in each one. Our soil tends to dry out quickly and I tend to forget to water. So this is my safety net to make sure they get some water, even when I don’t think about it.


I think my favorite part about these 2 liters are they are rain catchers as well! So if they are empty when it starts raining, they catch some rain and fill right up on their own. Making them even more self sufficient! Leaving me even more time to worry about other things, instead of watering the garden!!

UPDATE: I just wanted to add a quick note as to how long the water is lasting in the 2 liters. I filled each 2 liter bottle up on Sunday and now on Wednesday there is about 1 inch of water left. So with 1 hole in the larger 2 liter bottles, in 90 degree weather- it will last about 4 days, not bad!!

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  1. Extremely happy to visit your post just on time! I’m looking for such kind of stuff for watering my tiny garden. Thanks for sharing a fabulous invention.

  2. This is such a great money saving way of watering your garden, it saves you having to manually do it also.

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