Kroger Shopping Trip: 95% Savings- Why Market Research Studies Really Pay!

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Although this was not a great amazing savings week with great deals and hot coupons, I was able to still save big with using a gift card from a market research study from today! I was paid with a $40 Kroger gift card today at our local research study facility for a 10 minute study!

Headed straight to Kroger for some needed items and was able to grab $67.43 worth of groceries for just $3.21 out of pocket– (minus the $40 Kroger gift card and $24 worth of coupons)! This is a great way to make our grocery budget stretch even further!! What ways do you help stretch your pennies?

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  1. Great job! I love getting gift cards and incentives to help pay for groceries, household items, and gifts. I do Swagbucks and cash in for CVS gift cards and gift cards (hundreds of dollars worth), I’ve gotten about $20 in ECBs for signing up and taking CVS surveys, I do superpoints and cash in for cards, and I do to cash in for various types of gift cards. I also take advantage of transferring prescriptions. I get $25 Kroger store credits loaded to my card and have gotten $25 Walgreens gift cards. Honestly, this year I’ve gotten hundred dollars worth of incentives for just a few minutes per day. It really helps out. I’ll have to check out the market research study.


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