Summer Fun: Make Your Own Bubbles & Refill Container

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Looking for some inexpensive summer fun with the kiddos? We have planned something new to do almost every day this summer with our calender of summer fun (I will share next week)! We thought we would share what we do to keep the kiddos busy at our house!

Today our girls wanted to play with bubbles in the back yard! With 3 girls who tend to use a lot of bubbles, we can go through quite a lot, which can get really expensive! Not to mention the 2 puppies that are very curious- tipped over a whole cup of bubbles today!! So we make our own, with a pretty basic recipe- half a bottle of dawn dish soap (about 5 ounces) and almost a gallon of water.

With the dawn dish soap on sale for .88 each at CVS a while back, I used a coupon for .25 or .50 off to make these bottles of dawn dish soap really cheap- less than .50 for a gallon of bubbles is the best deal you will find any where!

Using a old drink container that we had under the sink, that has a spout on the bottom, to keep our bubbles in, worked great! Not only was it something we already had, not costing us anything, but the spout was easy for even our youngest daughter to refill her bubble cup!

I also stopped at Walmart and grabbed a new set of bubble wands! A pack of 15 was around $3! So for less than $5 we have many, many hours of bubble fun coming our way! (Bubble wands seem to be another item that was left in the yard and the puppies used as chew toys!!!)

The puppies, as you can see below, were very curious as to what these bubbles were! Chasing them, trying to eat them and even smashing them! It was quite funny to see them turn their head as if they were trying to figure out what bubbles were!

The girls played with the bubbles for about 2 hours and we only made it through about half the container of bubbles. Not bad, about .25 worth of bubbles for 2 hours of fun, I can afford that!!!

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