My Apologizes – Inappropriate Content from a Unknown User

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I received an email from a loyal reader asking what was up with the “inappropriate” content on the blog on Friday. After investigating it, I found that some jerk decided to use my Friday giveaway linky as a way to promote some content that was not family friendly, if you catch my drift.

I quickly removed the links from my blog, but a daily email had already been sent to my email subscribers with the inappropriate content in it. After removing the links, within 30 minutes this person went back and added the bad links again. So I removed the giveaway linky all together on Friday.

I am so sorry for the inappropriate content, I would never promote anything like that, as this is a family friendly blog and something my kiddos read. I was very upset and I am looking into how to not allow this again, as this has never happen before. I hope that you understand and will continue to stop by for all our great deals, tips and ways to save! Thank you!

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  1. It happens on FB, so some one was bound to hit a blog. Sorry you have to deal with that, but I hope someone can help you prevent a bonehead’s posts like that was in the future.

    • Brianne says:

      Thanks Alissa, it is really upsetting to know someone is that gross! I do get a lot on Facebook, people think because there is a lot of Facebook followers that they can use it as a tool to promote themselves. I usually don’t mind too much, but when it is promoting things that are “not family friendly” then I get upset! Now to figure out how to prevent it!!

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