Kids Frugal Fun: In The Car Scavenger Hunt + FREE Printable

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How many times have you heard while in the car, “I’m bored” from the kiddos? Our kids have been out of school a whopping 5 days and I have heard that at least 5 times! So last night I started making a list of things they can do in the car or to keep busy while we are our running errands, at the grocery, at the zoo, trips to grandma’s house or on our way to the amusement park (Santa bought our girls passes)!

I have several things in mind and that I have already created, but this is the first I will share. In The Car Scavenger Hunt is for things your kiddos can try to find while driving around town. There is a box for them to check as they find things on the list. Some of these are really easy and some are a little harder to help keep older kiddos entertained as well as maybe getting more than 5 minutes of use out of this list!

I also keep our list in a plastic sleeve sheet protector and let our girls use dry erase markers so that we can re-use this list over and over again! I am working on a binder of activities for the kiddos to do in the car that I will share as well, as soon as I get it all done! You are more than welcome to print your pdf copy here and change the list as you want! I will share more as I get them finished! Enjoy!

In The Car Scavenger Hunt -this list below is the items we have on our list!

1 Red Mustang
2 New York License Plate
3 Deer
4 Black Dog
5 McDonald’s Sign
6 Fitness or Gym Company
7 Vitamin Store
8 Flashing Red Light
9 Purple   Flowers
10 Horse
11 School Bus
12 License Plate with a 3
13 License Plate with a S
14 Target Store
15 Broken Headlight
16 School Bumper Sticker
17 Mom & Kids in a Van
18 Really Dirty Car
19 Clown Driving a Car
20 Someone Singing in the Car
21 Semi Truck
22 Illinois License Plate
23 Broken Sign
24 Girl on a Motorcycle
25 Man with Long Beard
26 Construction Worker
27 Wheel or Hubcap on Road
28 Fire Truck with Lights On
29 Flag
30 Yield Sign
31 Green Tractor
32 Cemetery
33 Swimming Pool
34 Construction Sign
35 Driver On their Cell Phone
36 Bike Rider
37 River, Lake or Pond
38 Green Truck
39 Taxi Car
40 Baseball Field
41 Someone Wearing a Pink Hat
42 Water Tower
43 BMW Car
44 Squirrel
45 Railroad Track or Train
46 Furniture on Top of a Car
47 Antique Car
48 Yellow Punch Bug Car
49 Truck with Farm Animals
50 Driver Putting on Makeup

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