How Has TLC’s Extreme Couponing Affected Your Shopping? Will You Watch Tonight Premiere?

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The 3rd Series of TLC’s Extreme Couponing premieres tonight at 10pm est and it brought me to wonder, are you still watching? I do have to admit, when the series started, I was quite interested. I did watch several episodes and was excited that it was finally getting friends and family interested in something I was already doing. I had friends that I never thought would ever use a coupon, now want to come shopping with me, host a coupon class and even have a coupon binder! I was very excited! But this was not how I shopped.

Then I quickly began to notice the negative affect this show had on couponers and how I shop. Not only now was I being accused of stealing from a store for using coupons and getting items for FREE, I was also being drastically limited as to how many items I could purchase for my family. With a family of 5, trying to save money and stockpiling items, I tend to buy enough items that will get my family through at least 3 months, meaning I may buy 8-10 of a particular item. But now that this show has aired, stores are now limiting customer to only buy 2-5 like items with coupons, I am having to either make multiple trips to the store or pass up on great deals for my family. This in return is costing me more money and time just to shop for my family. I have always been pretty conscientious about clearing shelves or evening asking for a special order to keep the store shelves full for other customers, so I have never been one to affect others with my coupons.

Not to mention that now manufacturers are changing how they print coupons due to high numbers of counterfeit coupons due to TLC’s Extreme Couponing continuing to air episodes featuring people using coupons incorrectly. As well as the idea that you should purchase 50+ bottles of mustard, 50+ bags of candy and 40 years of toilet paper, because that will help your family. These episodes are the reason most stores have changed their coupon policies. I do like that they did try to show how some of these extreme couponers donate to local charities and food pantries but it still is giving people the wrong impression on coupons and who uses them. Not everyone using coupons are looking to purchase 100’s of items they don’t need or don’t use.

So what are your thoughts, how has it affected how you shop, are you still watching?


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