2 Unusual Frugal Spending Ways to Save Money on Family Vacations

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Family vacations demand one of the biggest crunches of expenditures out of your savings. Although it may seem worth it in the end, still wouldn’t it give you an added joy to know that you can enjoy all that you want and without compromising anything, only if you make an attempt to save some bucks on this trip? How, you ask?

Well, acquaint yourself with the tips given below to know how you can make family vacations an affordable affair, instead of a strain on your planned budget:

Be a local – The easiest eating out or accommodation option on a vacation is to book rooms with a major hotel chain, and when you’re clueless about where to eat, simply land at the nearest restaurant chain you can find.  It may be news for you to know that these overpriced restaurants are often not even half-as-good as the locally owned hotels.

Not only do you save a lot by eating at these locally-operated hotels but you also get to know so much about the place and get the wholesome feel of the authentic culture of the place you’re visiting.

To find the local bed and breakfasts, and hotels along with major attractions of the town, you should check out the Chamber of Commerce website of the place you plan to visit.

Try Out Your Automobile Club Membership for Some Discounts – Use your AAA to get more than just hotel discounts. Make use of your membership for breaks on tickets to major attractions, rental cars, and a lot more. Drop by at the AAA office and ask them what ll deals they have on offer for your chosen destination. Once you’re there, do pick up a few good quality maps, all for free.

In case your state’s automobile association provides a magazine, you may find some advertised specials and coupons in their classifieds section.

With the economy of the country having survived through a real bad hit, it’s our responsibility as American citizen to keep a check on our spending ways. And what better way to adapt to a healthy financial lifestyle than take on the frugal living ideas to live a debt-free life. Check your annual free credit reports every year and make sure you stand in a bright financial light.

Guest Post: Brenda Lyttle believes in finding ways to enjoy frugal living and recommends that you stay within your means and keep a check on your free credit reports online.

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