Monday DIY- Make Your Own Watering Can

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We keep a large plastic tote in our garage that I have been collecting certain items for us to re-use for various craft projects over the summer. With our kiddos on spring break this week I figured I would go ahead and pull out something and make something fun! With all this gardening that we have been working on, I thought I would make our girls a watering can since they want to help water everything!

To make your own watering can, here is what you need:

  • Laundry Bottle (you can also use a milk jug or if you don’t want a handle, grab a 2 liter or for younger kiddos, use a 20 oz soda bottle)
  • nail
  • hammer

First rinse out your laundry bottle and lid. Grab the lid from the bottle and use the hammer and the nail to make holes in the top of the lid. The more the better seems to work best.

TIP** We did try this with another brand of laundry detergent and had some trouble. The lid had lines in the top and was a thinner plastic. The first whack with the hammer, split the top and made a large crack through the entire top of the lid. The laundry bottles with a flat top and thicker lid, seem to work best. Just thought I would share!

Then you will need to make a few holes in the laundry bottle, near the top. This way the water can flow easily through the holes in the lid. At first we did not add the holes in the laundry bottle and had a very hard time get water to come out. As long as you don’t fill the laundry bottle to the rim you won’t have to worry about it leaking from these holes.

Once you get all your holes in the laundry bottle you will have a fun watering can for the kiddos that cost you…….. absolutely nothing! These are my favorite kind of FREE!

I love finding new ways to use items that we would normally just throw in the recycling bin! What items have you re-purposed?

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