Sorry- I Needed A Break!

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So I wanted to apologize for the lack of posts over the past 2 weeks and this weekend. If you saw my Facebook post a few weeks ago, our family adopted 2- 2 month old puppies. Bailey is a Boxer mix and Lucy is a Boxer and Sheppard mix. They are very cute and actually pretty good puppies, very little accidents in the house and they have mainly been chewing on each other, rather than our furniture or kiddos toys.

Although they have fit pretty well into our family, it has thrown my schedule off a little and I am still trying to get it all back together! So I was struggling to find extra time to get them to the vet, walk them and keep them busy. Now that they are a little more settled in, it is getting easier but with the kiddos in school and the hubby at work, it’s on me during the day to do it all, with our 3 year old’s help! So finding time to blog was getting put on the back burner! Not to mention the writers block that was hoovering over me and just being plain burned out. So I took this past weekend off completely to just do things I wanted to do, without having to fit in the blog.

While I know that may have made you look elsewhere for deals this past week/weekend, I hope you understand that I just needed a quick break!

Saturday was a beautiful day outside, I was able to take the kiddos and the puppies to the park while my hubby had to work for a few hours. Then we dropped the kiddos off at my mom’s for a sleepover and my hubby and I got to stop at our new favorite place, Hot Head Burrito and head home to watch a night full of Netflix movies– real movies that do not pertain I-Carly, Strawberry Shortcake or Judy Moody(by the way we have watched it 113 times) in their titles! Sunday was a day of getting some shopping done as well as some much needed yard work! So although I did not get to blog, I did get a lot accomplished and had some fun time with the family! But I did miss my blog family!!

So I am back and completely re-energized with some fresh ideas to add to the blog! So keep an eye out for some fun new stuff and since our spring has sprung early, more garden posts!!! So how was your weekend?

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