Recipe: Homemade Mini Pizza’s

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We love pizza! Did I ever tell you we love pizza?!?!  Anyways, with 5 of us with different likes, finding a pizza that we all can eat becomes a battle. The hubby and our oldest will eat anything and everything on their pizza’s, myself and our youngest will eat any variation of cheese and our middle daughter only likes sausage or pepperoni! With my pickyness and the others limited likes, we tend to buy several pizza’s and have tons of leftovers. So we have recently started trying mini pizza’s! Using a muffin tin, a box of our favorite pizza crust and all the ingredients we each like, we now can have our favorite pizza anytime!

I mixed up our favorite pizza crust and put a golf ball size dough ball in each muffin section. I then popped the pizza crust in the oven for about 3 -5 minutes on 350 degrees just to get the crust a little firm.

Then add a spoonful of pizza sauce to your pizza dough.

Add your toppings over the pizza sauce, our girls wanted peperoni but the hubby wanted ham and pineapple, so we made both! Great benefit to making individual pizza’s, prepare them the way you want!

Add as much cheese as you would like, I filled the top to make sure it was completely covered.

Once you cook them for about 8-10 minutes, cheese will be completely melted! Another benefit to making individual pizza’s is that they cook pretty quick and they make great after school snacks! I have not tried to freeze them yet, since the extra’s I had intended to freeze were devoured by the kiddos! So next time I will make a few extra to see how well they do in the freezer!

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  1. Michaela L. says:

    I made these for dinner tonight, and they are amazing! They were so quick and easy to make. I am defenitly going to have these again.


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